Volkswagen vintage t-shirts

Jonah Taylor In Volkswagen Catalog

Just a few pics of model Jonah Taylor in his photo shoot for the Volkswagen – VW – catalog.  Jonah and Volkswagen come together to sell much more than just cars!  Including VW backpacks, sunglasses, and Volkswagen T-shirts.  See more photos @ Jonah Taylor Gallery.

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Style versus Fashion Jonah Taylor

Men’s Fashion Versus Men’s Style – What’s The Difference?

Men’s Fashion Versus Men’s Style – What’s The Difference? – By Professional model Bryce Buell. So, what is fashion? What is style? Why do I care? Why should you care? I care because every day I see men deprive themselves of the golden opportunity to make a great first impression. Judged before they utter their first…

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Male Model Jonah Taylor of Modeling Wisdom

Height, Weight, Age – Measurements and Requirements of Modeling

Height, Weight, Age Measurements and Requirements of Modeling! It’s hard to pin figures to figures in a constantly evolving industry like modeling. As you’ve probably noticed by now, though, there are height, weight, and age  measurements and requirements for different types of models. In general, models of their respective genders must have the requisite height and weight ranges. Age…

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Arthur Kulkov - modeling for teenagers

Modeling For Teenagers – Height And Requirements for Teen Models

Modeling for Teenagers Dreams start at an early age, and you’ll be surprised at how many youngsters are inclined to get into modeling for teenagers, as they aspire to become models of some sort. Even at that stage, though, dreams can become reality—the road is tough, but it’s not impossible. Many models, after all, start…

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what is the Definintion of Photogenic

Define Photogenic |The Definition of Photogenic |Photogenic Definition.

Define Photogenic: Exploring the quality of looking good in front of the camera You’ve likely heard the term “photogenic” at least once. Heck, you might have been called that yourself. We’ve also likely mentioned it at some point while talking about the qualities that a model needs to have. There may not be a single…

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How To Model – Behind The Scenes Video of Jonah Taylor with Fox 5 News

Learn How To Model! – For many young aspiring models, one of the hardest parts of getting going in the modeling industry is gaining enough experience to prove to clients that you know what you doing, and that you are capable of performing the necessary jobs!  That is why it is extremely important to one, find…

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Silly Modeling Pictures |Pink Tie Event | Jonah Taylor

Here are a few photos of Models Jonah Taylor, Irina Bartell, Joe Gordon, and Aminta Niaria as they model a Pink Tie Event at the Ronald Reagan International building in Washington DC.  The photos started off serious, then slowly turned into madness as the models started acting up and guests were invited to join in!

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Hand Model Agency – Hand Model Requirements- How To Be A Hand Model!

Getting into a Hand Model Agency! As with the more mainstream modeling types, you will likely need the help of a reputable hand model agency if you want to be successful at modeling using your beloved hands. Unfortunately, with industry developments, certain aspects of body part modeling work have been made unnecessary. In addition, some…

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Famous Male Models|Top Male Models|The Hottest Male Models of 2014!

Famous Male Models – Who are the Hottest Male Models of 2014?  In a previous article, we put out a piece on the top male model Sean O’Pry. The 2013 top earner according to Forbes, Sean O’Pry represents the envy-worthy out-of-nowhere success story and is certainly one of the Top Male Models! Constantly getting booked…

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Body Part Model – Modeling Body Parts

Body Part Model – What It Takes To Be Body Parts Models!  Model requirements, particularly the physical aspect, can be pretty intimidating; after all, one needs a complete package of height, weight, measurements, good looks, and a variety of other details in order to get noticed. Still, there are some models who only need to…

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