11 Things Models should Not do.

Sometimes knowing what Not to do is just as important as knowing what To do.  Here at Modeling Wisdom we have written a whole series of articles on all of the things that models Should do.  So we thought it would be just as beneficial to write an article based on some of the things that models should not do; whether it be on castings, on jobs, or getting ready for either, the top 11 things that a model should not do are:

1) Show up late.

2) Lie about your measurements or age.

3) Take your own photos.

4) Touch-up your own photos.

5) Arrive unprepared.

6) Show up with your parents (if you are 18 or older)

7) Wear any overwhelming cologne or perfume.

8) Lie down, sit down, or otherwise wrinkle freshly ironed garments.

9) Drink or smoke.

10) Talk to much.  Less is more.

11) Chew gum.

Well, there you have it: a straight forward list of the top 11 things that models should not do.  Some of them are pretty obvious and go without saying (no drinking or smoking on the job, not showing up late, lying about your measurements or age etc.), but others are just words of wisdom based on the hundreds of photo shoots we have been on.  Things like not talking to much, not chewing gum, no excessive perfume or cologne, and not arriving unprepared are just common courtesies to the client.  They show them that you are professional and that you are not going to annoy them all day.  In the end, they are the ones who pay you and have the authority to hire you again, so act professionally and ethically and you will have no problem making clients happy.

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