5 Tips to Help Models Book More Jobs!

how to book more jobs as a model?There aren’t too many models out there that don’t want, or can’t handle, more modeling jobs.  If you happen to discover a model like this, become immediate friends with them because they are more than likely a supermodel.  The truth is, majority of models in the world struggle to work full-time or have another job that supplies them with a stable income.  Subsequently, this blog post applies to pretty much every other model in the world.  With that said, here are 5 tips that can truly help models book more jobs.

1) Keep a flexible schedule.  There is no schedule for castings, go-sees, fittings, modeling jobs, etc.  So unless you have a flexible schedule/job that allows you to head out at any time of the day, you may be losing out on opportunities.

2) Update your photos.  Models may be losing out on jobs simply because their photos are outdated or unprofessional.  By getting better photos, models look more professional and subsequently, look more desirable to clients.   You can also use new photos to set yourself apart from other models.  If you have a unique look or features, emphasize them to set yourself apart from the competition.

3) Work with more than one agency.  Unless you have signed an exclusivity contract with an agency, you can work with other agencies as well.  This will increase your castings and jobs.  Don’t be afraid to work with agencies in other states and cities as well.  Just keep in mind that they may ask you to travel out their from time to time, but if you consider this an investment, it may pay off for you in the form of direct bookings.  Let them know you are from out-of-town.

4) Be willing to travel.  Having agencies in outside cities and states can be a great way to increase your castings and hopefully, modeling jobs.  But you have to be willing to travel.   For example, If you live in Baltimore, it may be worth your while to get an agency in Philadelphia and perhaps one in Washington D.C..  In this scenario, as long as you are willing to travel, you have three times as many opportunities.

5) Network yourself.  You can start by establishing strong relationships with clients that you have met and or have worked with in the past.  You can also network by social media and contacting photographers, other models, and clients, letting them know that you are a model looking for opportunities.  The worst case scenario is they ignore you.  The best case scenario is you land yourself a series of well-paying jobs.  The answer is always NO until you ask.  Get yourself out there.

If you are a model looking to land more modeling jobs, take these 5 tips and get to work.  These tips can literally land a struggling model more jobs if done well.  By keeping a flexible schedule, updating their photos, working with more than one agency, being willing to travel, and networking yourself, a model will certainly begin to see more modeling castings and jobs on the horizon.  Nothing is ever guaranteed, but hard-work leads to prosperity.

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  • Kevin Orlin Johnson

    Reply Reply September 20, 2012

    Well, that’s me, totally. I’m in such demand that I’m turning down every call that I get, as soon as I get one. I love this modeling blog, it has the answer to all of my questions!

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