5 Weight Loss Tips for Models

weight loss tips for models. How do models lose weight and stay thin?Have you ever wanted to look like a model?! Or perhaps you are a model but you are looking for a healthy way to cut down a couple of pounds in the hopes of landing more jobs. The truth is, most of us, model or not, could afford to lose a pound or two. When most people think of models they immediately go to a place where everyone is skinny, tall, and beautiful with great skin and though this may be somewhat true for high fashion models, this is only one aspect of the entire modeling world. Just to name a few other modeling categories there is: commercial modeling, plus size modeling, fitness modeling, child modeling, cosmetics, and even leg modeling. But the one thing that all models will likely need to have is a nice shape. And since we know many designers prefer their models to be on the slim side (that’s saying it nicely), here are 5 weight loss tips for models looking to cut a couple of pounds this summer and do it in a healthy, lifestyle way. First things first….

1) Drink more water. Drinking more water can do a few good things for you. It not only helps to speed up your metabolism (a high metabolism burns more food energy which means you will burn through more fat on a daily basis. It also means your body won’t punish you every time you look at or taste chocolate), but it also can keep you feeling full. Individuals often misplace thirst for hunger. So when they are actually thirsty, they eat. Adding it all up over the years, this can be a costly mistake. This leads to over consumption of calories and a deficit of natural fluids, i.e. water. Start by drinking a glass of water before each meal. This way you will not be over-consuming foods and lacking fluids:) Lastly, on the subject of water and weight loss, by drinking more water (8 – 12 glasses per day) you will likely be cutting out the other calorie, or sweetener, filled drinks you might otherwise have. You don’t want to be drinking your calories for the day. The amount of sugar in many of these drinks can kill your whole nutritional program.

2) Resistance training. I know there are some of you who love to run for 13 hours at a time (slight exaggeration) because it helps you clear your mind and makes you feel healthier. But the truth is, if you have been doing something for 200 years (a bigger exaggeration) a.k.a. running, and you still look the same, then perhaps there is a problem in your programming. I am not saying to stop running, rather I am pressing you to start lifting some weights. Grab some light weights and an instructional video, personal trainer, knowledgeable friend, or go on youtube and make a list of a few exercises. Whatever you do, start taking the time to tighten, tone, and change your body composition through lifting weights. Running can make you look skinny, but resistance training will make you look lean and toned by shaping your body and adding some necessary muscle; which likewise to tip #1, helps burn more body fat.

3) Timed Cardio. Whatever type of cardio you do: run, elliptical, bike, row machine, etc., do it first thing in the morning while still on an empty stomach. This is one of the times in the day when your body will tap directly into fat stores as a fuel source. Without getting too technical, this is because your body has no readily available food energy in the blood stream and subsequently, uses fat as energy. The other time to perform your cardio is right after your resistance training. So you must do your resistance training! This way you will use much of the glycogen (just think of it as energy) in your body to help you get through your resistance training, allowing you to once again, tap into your fat stores quicker once you begin your cardio; making it more efficient at what it is supposed to be doing, burning fat.

4) Cut down carbs. Carbohydrates are broken down in the body and turned into sugar. That is why they are better than proteins and fats at creating energy. So if you want your body to burn fat, you need to make it efficient at doing so. Carbs take the place of fats in many calorie burning scenarios, so it only makes sense to cut them down (not out. Remember, this is a lifestyle change. Not a 4 week diet where you gain every pound and then some back once you have finished). So allow your body to burn more fat by cutting down on the energy packed carbohydrates and increasing fats and proteins instead.

5) Less sugars and less sweeteners. Now we know that sugars are the first source of energy used in the body at any moment. So the next time you go for a run after eating candy and pasta for lunch, just know that most of your run will not be burning fat, but burning the sugars from the candy and the pasta (remember, carbs break down in the body into sugars). Your body does not need sugar. Let me say that again as you read this sipping from your sweetened iced coffee or tea. Your body does not need sugar. So stop giving it a ton. It only gets turned into fat if not used and chances are, you are not burning that much sugar. Sweeteners are a little different of a story. The bad side of sweeteners is that they create a “craving for sweets” sensation that can last all day. So though you may save the calories in your diet soda, you eat 215 cookies later that night. Sweeteners

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are just that, incredibly sweet. Don’t you think for just a second that your body adapts to the sweeteners and later sends you cravings for more sweets??? Of course it does! You don’t have a sweet tooth, you created a sweet tooth. Do yourself a favor, stop with all of the sweeteners and start treating your body as the Bible tells us to, “like a temple”.

Well there you have it, 5 life changing tips to help you lose weight and look your best. By doing this, models can expect to look and feel better, meanwhile landing more modeling jobs because they come better than expected. The truth is, these tips can work for anyone, not just models. This just happens to be a Christian Modeling Website, which makes it the 5 Weight Loss Tips for Models!

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