Measurements and requirements of Plus-size Models.

plus size modeling Also known as “full-figured models,” plus-size models are perhaps not always what most people consider when they think “plus-size.” A high fashion model body type can be very specific with particular measurements and requirements. Models who do not necessarily meet these slender, manikin-like measurements can be considered “plus-size models.” That means someone who is in good shape and has wonderful curves, can be considered “plus-size” because they don’t fit the demands of a fashion model (see Fashion Modeling Measurements). But plus-size models can also include “bigger” men and women. This is because the greater public is not petite and models are needed to sell all clothing types. Plus-size models can share a more natural look in clothing, which better represents the general consumer.

Like all models, plus-size models will likely do best with an agency. In bigger modeling cities, modeling agencies will actually have a “plus-size division”. It is important to not let this ruin your self-image. Modeling is a strict business at times with many people quick to point out your flaws. Being plus-size is not a bad thing, it means you look great in YOUR body, and not the typical manikin-like measurements for the industry. Many designers have begun to use plus-size models in their shows for versatility and to reach all consumers. There is plenty of work for plus-size models and an agency will help you find it.

Men and women in the plus-size category will still be expected to be somewhat tall (men: 5’11” – 6’2″, women: 5’7″ – 6’0″) but the rest of the measurements are kind of up in the air. Of course you do not want to be overly big, or have the body shape of an apple or pear, as this will simply not look good in the clothing. Men will still want to have a decent, muscular-looking build and as for women, according to Madeline Figueroa-Jones, Editor-in-Chief of Plus Model Magazine, “Many plus-size models range from size 10 to 16. There are a few size six, eight, 18, and 20 models working, but only a few” (Mason, 2011).

plus size modeling measurements and sizesSo if you are a new model looking to find an agency and don’t fit the standard measurements, find an agency that has a plus-size division. The modeling industry can be cutthroat, but even if you aren’t cut out for modeling, there are many other fields related to the industry such as acting, photography, fashion designing, hair and make-up artistry etc. that may be a perfect fit. If someone is of good height and fit some of the measurements listed above, plus-size modeling might be a great fit. As in all things, give it your best. Before you know it, you will be on your way to working some wonderful modelings jobs.


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