Are all Models Expected to get Naked?

Do all models have to perform nude photo shoots?Some models have no problem with nude photo shoots. Other models hope they are never confronted with the idea. To make matters worse, there are dishonest photographers out there who will push inexperienced models to the edge until they have already gone farther than they are comfortable with. Models should always think for themselves and make the best decision that allows them to hold onto their integrity. This scenario begs the question….. are all models expected to perform nude shots at some point?

The answer is NO. Models should never do anything that they aren’t comfortable with. Most nude shots are used in an artistic and contemporary fashion and don’t typically show the naughty bits models are afraid of. In the event that the photographs WILL display the naughty bits, the model is made aware of the photographers plans.

Are all models expected to get naked?

With the right photographer, a nude photo can be both artistic and tasteful.

Of course there are always the scam artists and perverts of the world taking photos and trying to get young men and women naked. You can avoid these by making sure you know who you are working with. Ask an agency, ask people who have shot with them previously, ask the photographer what his concepts for the shoot are? The more you know about the photographer, the more you will know of whether or not they are a scumbag, or just an idealistic photographer. Do your homework and remember, if you don’t feel comfortable, shut it down and let it be known. Do not give in to the pressure to continue. If the photographer insists and you are still uncomfortable, it is in your best interest to call someone or just get out of there.

Some photographers take wonderful nude photos and if you are comfortable with yourself enough to be apart of one, it can be a great component of a model’s portfolio. But it is not mandatory. Only do this if you are at peace with the idea of being naked in front of a camera and you know the photographers plans and end result. This way you can get some great photos and not have to worry about those great photos ending up on the wrong websites.


  • Angeles

    Reply Reply April 5, 2016

    There’s was a photographer that said I don’t need nudes for my profolio but I will need to take nudes . Is that okay ?

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply April 7, 2016

      No, you will never NEED to take nudes. That is only what predatory photographers say. I have never taken nudes and never had to. Trust in God and don’t let scheming photographers hinder your integrity.

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