Are Modeling Classes Necessary?

Are modeling schools scams or legitimate? - Modeling WisdomAre modeling classes necessary? Or are they just a waste of time and money? Different people may have different perspectives on the subject, but to be honest, I am hesitant when it comes to spending too much time or money on them. Here’s the deal…

Modeling classes are definitely helpful, I just think they are overpriced. Everything I learned about modeling I learned from mentors (Bryce Buell and Michael Evans). The rest I picked up by shooting often. There is no better way to learn than actually being on set. This blog was not written to bash modeling classes. Modeling classes serve a wonderful purpose and help thousands of new and beginner models gain confidence and experience. The only problem I have with them is that I simply have a hard time justifying them. It is kind of like going shopping for some new jeans when you don’t need them. You are walking around shopping and suddenly you see the perfect pair of jeans. I mean these jeans are the bomb diggity. I mean your butt looks good in them. They’re tight in all the right places and loose in the others. And even though you do not need them, you want to buy than anyways. It is kind of the same way with classes. The classes will help you, but you don’t necessarily need them. The experience and confidence that the classes give you can be acquired along the way.

It is up to anyone who is interested in modeling whether or not they want to pay for the classes and gain knowledge and wisdom in a classroom, or gain it as they walk through their modeling career? Some of the more established modeling schools are Barbizon, John Robert Powers, and John Casablancas. These modeling and talent schools help develop new models so that they may be ready for a modeling career. Some also deal with singing, acting etc.

Here is my bottom line wisdom on the subject of modeling classes, if you have the money, do not mind spending it, are very serious about modeling, then please sign up for the classes. Otherwise, save some pennies and find a mentor. Anyone who has modeled for some time can advise you on what to do. Make friends, ask questions, and you will be fine. This is the way most models do it anyhow (though I have worked with some whom I wish had taken classes). Of course this is all on the subject of modeling classes. Acting classes are for another blog. I truly believe in acting classes and would recommend them to most anyone. The amount of help that the acting classes give you well outweighs the price of the classes. But as always, with classes of all kinds, make certain you are serious before you follow through with these decisions.



  • Bryce

    Reply Reply June 20, 2012

    Or just send some coin to Jonah Taylor, care of Bryce Buell.

    • admin

      Reply Reply June 20, 2012

      this is an alternative option:)

  • JC Cavanaugh

    Reply Reply July 1, 2013

    I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the fact that modeling schools are in fact over priced.

    I actually know a model who paid over $3,000 and has yet to book a gig almost 6 months upon graduation!

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