Be A Smart Model!

Derek Zoolander for Modeling Wisdom - Be a smart modelSo you just landed a ridiculously awesome modeling job!  You are excited and anxious at the same time.  You do everything you can to prepare yourself.  Likewise, you have told every single person that you have ever met in your entire life about your current opportunity.  This is it!  You get there, say hi and head to the fitting room, all to discover that you will be shooting today wearing next to nothing!  No one told you.  Not only are you nervous, but a little scared.  You are kind of in a rough spot.  You aren’t comfortable with the outfit (or lack of), but how can you stop the show now?  This blog is about being a smart model and knowing your limits.  Knowing exactly what you will do and what you will not.  How far are you willing to go?

That’s the real question, how far are you willing to go?  Some photographers will take you that far and beyond.  This is one of the biggest problems for young girls and guys in the modeling industry.  They get so caught up in what they want and the moment, that they suddenly find themselves manipulated into doing scandalous things by photographers who have made a living off of it.  Here is one example from my earliest days in modeling.  I was brand new and I was told that a great photographer in DC wanted to shoot with me.  “THIS IS AWESOME,” I thought.  So I got myself together and headed over there.  We started out shooting fun, casual pictures, but I noticed we were getting a little thin in the clothing department.  At one point, I was standing there in a towel wondering what we were going to do next?  I was barely clothed being photographed by a strange dude in his studio.  Come to find out later that the photographer was gay and had been taking photos and videos of young models completely naked while sharing them with photographers alike.  I wanted to become a model so bad that I had almost sacrificed all my integrity.  He wasn’t going to help me, he wanted to exploit me.  So I dislocated both of his shoulders and followed that up by breaking both of his legs.  Now that’s a complete dramatization of how it ended of course, but I wanted to and still do.  Most photographers are not this way, but trust me, if you are a new model, this is a real possibility.  You just have to know how far to go.  You have to know when to call it a day.  There will always be other photo shoots and modeling jobs.  There is no lack of those, so you don’t need anything of this kind.  Be a smart model!!

One of the best things you can do for yourself is Find A Mentor.  Every single successful model I know, including myself, has a great mentor that helps guide them as to what needs to be done, and what to watch out for.  Do yourself a favor, and find one.  Go ahead and make Modeling Wisdom your mentor if you cannot find one!   We will gladly advise anyone on what to do or what not to do.  Mine happens to be established model Bryce Buell who gladly walked me through every stage of modeling.  Likewise, you should find this person as well.  Someone who can give you great insight and wisdom on your modeling choices.  Like I said, if you cannot find anyone, use this website as your mentor.

Simply put, do not allow yourself to get caught up in the exploitation of young models.  It is this deep desire to become a model so badly that allows the sheisty photographers to do such things.  It is easy picking for them.  They hardly have to work for it.  The model simply keeps going and going along with the photographers requests until they are stark naked posing for the wrong people.  Find your mentor!  One last bit of wisdom, as another Christian mentor once told me, “Don’t do anything for the first time without seeking advice from someone who has done it 100 times.”  This will minimize your mistakes and keep you out of the lovely XXX magazines and movies.

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