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How to become a professional fitness model

Do you feel like you have what it takes to be a fitness model?  Or have you ever wondered How to become a professional fitness model?  The truth is, there are likely thousands of men and women out there who may actually have what it takes to be a model, the only problem is…

none of them have the slightest clue HOW.

jonah taylor model

Fitness model Jonah Taylor

Well fortunate for you, that is what I do.  As a professional model for 10 years with much of my success coming in the world of fitness modeling, I aim to help others do exactly what I did.  I can truly say that I find joy in helping others reach their dreams.  It was amazing for me, so I know it will be amazing for you as well.  The key is to find out the requirements and necessary steps in order to become this model that you desire to be in your heart.

So, in living up to my statement of helping others, here is a brief overview of what it takes to become a professional fitness model.

The most obvious first step is to obtain a remarkable, insane, made of steel like Optimus Prime type of  body ( I really hope you have seen transformers otherwise this reference makes me look dumb).  I mean, the type of body that women touch for no reason and men download as the home-screen on their phones to keep themselves motivated.  You have to be so in shape that people argue that if Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Ronnie Coleman all had a kid together, that kid would be bullied by You because your body’s so great.

I hope you are grasping the seriousness of how in shape you need to be.  In all reality, you don’t have to look like Optimus Prime.  I mean, it helps if you do.  Just know, the better your body is… the easier it will be for you to get people’s attention and land the fitness modeling jobs that the other professional fitness models are currently landing.

The second step is a little different.  Most people are not used to hearing about this step.  But in all of my experience as an international male model, having traveled the world numerous times for modeling adventures, this is the only real way to do it. The next step AFTER you get your remarkably insane, sweet sweet body, is to get a fitness model agency.

I know this scares a few people but it is really nothing to be afraid of in terms of what it takes to be a professional fitness model. Here’s why: left to your own genius, you would most likely fail.  This is because you likely don’t know too many organizations or brands looking for fitness models off the top of your head.  You will have put all this hard work into getting super duper jacked diesel and find yourself with no where to go and no one to see.  That is where professional fitness modeling agencies come in.

Professional fitness modeling agencies GET you fitness modeling jobs.  You see, this is how it works… A company or brand decides to run an advertisement for a new or old product they are trying to sell.  So what do they do?  They don’t go scouring the streets in hopes of perfectly chiseled men playing harmonicas topless and with nothing else better to do than to model for them.  Most oftentimes they will go directly to a professional modeling agency.  This is because they now have a huge selection of REAL fitness models and know they have a great chance of finding the type of look and style they want in a fitness model.  Possibly You!

So you understand now, without a modeling agency, you are likely not going to do a whole of fitness modeling.  This is simply what it takes to be a model.

Now let me add something that I know a lot of you are pondering right now.  Hey Jonah, what if I don’t have the perfect smile, or perfect features, or am not 6’0″?  And here is my answer to you my friend.  Don’t worry about it.  Fitness modeling is mostly about the BODY, not the features that other models may have to own.  This is why it helps to have the sickest body you can achieve because companies can overlook potential flaws due to a GREAT BODY.  So simply focus on creating the best physique you can achieve and don’t stress too much your potential flaws.

I truly hope this helps answer some of your fitness modeling questions such as how to become a professional fitness model or wondering what it takes to be a model?  The absolute best 2 things you can do in fitness modeling are to build a fantastic body; then research and find local fitness modeling agencies (you might have to travel if there are none around) and do whatever it takes to sign with one of them.

Don’t quit, don’t give up, and don’t stop until you have one:)

If you think you have what it takes to try your hand at becoming a well known Fitness Model, check out Jonah Taylor’s Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint which guides young men through every step to becoming a successful Fitness Model.

God Bless,  Jonah Taylor Under Armour Fitness Model and Under Armour Sponsored personal trainer.

Author of The Ultimate Fitness Modeling Blueprint.

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