Behind the Scenes Casting for Cedric Gervais’ New Music Video!!

Welcome back Everybody!

So thanks to some wonderful relationships, I recently had the opportunity to cast for Cedric Gervais’ new music video. Due to a fellow cast member, I was able to get some great behind the scenes footage of the casting.  Often times, much of the behind the scenes footage I get is limited (due to legalities and skeptical producers), which is completely understandable, but this time due to relationships with the producers, we got some wonderful footage that gives great insight into what goes on; as if you are actually there!

With that said, here is a great look at what went on behind the scenes of the Cedric Gervais Music Video casting.

P.S. I do my best to stay professional and righteous at all times, but as you will see in the video, I am not always on point.  Enjoy:)

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