Can Models Have Tattoos? Can Models Get Tattoos?

Can models work with tattoos? Can models get tattoos?Can models have tattoos?  The quick answer to this question is yes.  But tattoos can severely hurt a model by deterring wary clients.  The best advice for someone who is serious about modeling is to stay away from tattoos.  This way they will never have to worry about losing jobs due to the fact that in most cases, tattoos will not be looked at as a good thing.  But models and tattoos are becoming more common and in some cases, clients may even like the tattoos; though this is not a regularity.

It all comes down to the actual tattoo.  What size is it?  Where it is?  Can it be covered up?  Is it offensive?  Does it go with the style of clothing you are wearing?  This is why it is just easier to not have any tattoos.  But for example, if you have a tattoo of a large dragon eating innocent children, you may have a harder time landing jobs than say a model who has a small name tattoo of his or her significant other.  It also matters where the tattoo is?  If it can be easily covered up, then this may not pose a problem at all.  If the tattoo is on your face! problems will arise.  Stay away from tattoos on the neck, forearms, calves, or anywhere else that is highly noticeable.  Some tattoos can be easily covered up by makeup.  Some models even have makeup that they own simply for covering up tattoos before photo shoots.

Can models have tattoos? Can models have tattoos and piercings?

In certain cases, a small upper arm tattoo can add a bit of style.

The best advice for those thinking about getting any tattoos is, think about it.  Ask friends, colleagues, and family what they think?  If they think it is detrimental, then others will think it is detrimental.  If tattoos are getting in the way of other things you love to do, then you may be better off without them.  Especially when it comes to modeling.  Tattoos can be fun and a nice way to commemorate memories, but you don’t want your memories to stand in the way of your future.  Many successful models have tattoos and do just fine, but no one will ever know the amount of jobs they might have missed due to their tattoos.  So if you are serious about modeling and considering getting a tattoo, I would say think about it.  Think about it from a perspective of today, and how it may affect you down the road.

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