Can Models Wear Contacts or Glasses?

Can you model with glasses or contacts? International Model Jonah Levi Taylor wearing glasses

Jonah Taylor with glasses

We all know that modeling has stringent requirements as far as physical appearances go. Aside from that, the job also entails projecting certain emotions or looks. The eyes are perhaps the body parts that perfectly embody those two requirements. Since glasses or contact lenses can affect how the eyes look and how one looks overall, is it wise for a model to wear either of these?

Contacts, especially the regular ones, aren’t much of a hindrance, because they don’t involve wearing bulky accessories and don’t really obscure the eyes. You’ve got to be careful with colored contacts because they may not photograph all that well.

That’s not to say that there’s no room in the modeling industry for specialty contact lenses. There are specially designed contact lenses that can handle the glare from camera flashes and lighting equipment. Some are even made to allow for the retention of natural eye colors while still reducing glare.

As for glasses, it might be hard for you if you have to wear your specs at all times. You might notice that there aren’t many print ads or TV spots that feature glasses-wearing models. As we’ve said, glasses can obscure your face and keep people from noticing the whole package. In addition, they’re even worse with flashes and other lighting equipment.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, glasses also bring the viewers’ attention to your eyes, whether it’s done intentionally or by accident. So depending on the overall look that the concept calls for, this could be turned into an advantage.

Wearing glasses provide people with a certain appeal. Pulling off many or all looks that involve that particular item can also give you access to certain niches that should get your career going. You can model for eyewear, for example, and this is a potentially lucrative field because there are many top fashion brands that also market eyewear. Designer eyewear is a worldwide phenomenon, so there’s quite a career to be had there. Take note that this segment is a little limited, and chances are you’re still going to encounter a considerable amount of competition.

Then again, you can always try your luck with doing jobs without your contact lenses or glasses. If you still have decent-enough eyesight, you can pull a gig off even when you remove your glasses or contacts as you run through your sets. Many models will do this if they wear glasses and don’t have any contacts. If you want to play it safe, get used to wearing contact lenses and see if you can find the specialty lenses we mentioned before that are optimized for flashes.

So, to answer the question posed in the title, yes, models can wear contacts or glasses. Contacts do not typically pose a problem, but glasses may depending on the job. You can try not wearing glasses, but if you absolutely must, do it confidently. Don’t be afraid or ashamed and instead, try and make them work to your advantage as we have spoken before about having the “x-factor” — something that helps a model stand out from the field. Believe in yourself and trust in God, all things are possible this way.


  • Reich

    Reply Reply September 9, 2014

    Good day, I just want to ask a question. I Applied for an agency and asked me to sent some more casual photos, I am an experienced model but I stopped laid low for a few months but still doing some photo shoots. so I sent my most recent photoshoot, a very casual shoot and they asked me to go to their office and have a video profile. But on the said photos I was wearing contact lenses. So my question is.. Should I wear Contact lenses for my casting or not? I am afraid to spoil everything if I don’t wear them, but I dont want them to expect differently. Hope you can help me before I go to casting. Its just 5 days to go. Please reply 🙁

  • Reich

    Reply Reply September 9, 2014

    If I wear it, I am afraid that they would see me negatively, If not.. I am afraid that they would be disappointed and not pick me.. but they really did not ask what is my eye color..

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply September 9, 2014

      Thanks for commenting Reich! I would simply go with whatever is natural. If you wear prescription contacts, then wear them. If you are wearing colored contacts for fun, then i would go without them. The only time i would say wear the colored contacts is if you feel they give you an advantage over other models! God Bless!

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