How Fitness can help models Book More Jobs!

Should models workout?  Would they be better models if they did?  I may have a slightly biased perspective on the subject due to my success with fitness and modeling.  Here are a few key examples of where being in great shape will greatly help men and women models alike book more modeling jobs.

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The Serious Models 5 Must Get Shots!

Everyone inevitably starts off modeling the same way, with nothing.  No pictures, no portfolio, no head-shots, nothing. But what if early on in your career, someone came along and told you all about the most critical shots you will ever need to be successful in the modeling industry; the ones you will build your comp…

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Jonah Taylor’s Workout Program for Dolce & Gabana!

I would create a program that would have me hitting the gym Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, rest on Thursday, hit it again on Friday and Saturday, and rest on Sunday.  However, even on my rest days I was still hitting the gym for cardio.  I had a great vision in mind and little time to fulfill it (I…

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