Characteristics of an International Model!

Requirements and characteristics of an international model

What does it take to be an international model? Is it any different from being a model within your own country? The truth is, it does take a pretty specific body type for both male and female to be successful at this level. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but here is a bit of what you can expect….

Both male and female international models will be expected to be tall. Men roughly 6′ to 6’2″ and female 5’8″ to 5’11”. This is similar to regular modeling, but remains the same as models will be expected to work many types of jobs including print, catalog, as well as runway. If someone is too short, they may not be able to strongly compete for all modeling jobs.

International models will also need some type of edge…. a unique look. There is no point in bringing an international model that looks like all the other models there. Whether it be a model’s eyes, hair, skin, lips etc. international models will need to stick out somehow in a good way.

Traveling models will also need a solid portfolio. Foreign agencies are not quick to take chances on models. They only like to bring in models that they feel WILL MAKE THEM MONEY! Models can ease this concern by having a great portfolio.

International models will also be expected to be somewhat fit. Like models that are too short, a chubby or out of shape model does not appear well in underwear and sportswear. This hurts the bottom line as the model may be over looked for many jobs, which doesn’t make the agency money and subsequently, unhappy.

international model Bryce Buell for what it takes to be an international model?

Pack your bags, you’re going international!

If you are a good model, chances are that you would make a good international model as well. In order to be a successful model in general, you will likely have all these things regardless. If you are tall, in shape, have some unique features, and have a solid portfolio, you already have what it takes to be an international model. All you need to do is find yourself a placement agency (which you may already have, and if not, read How to Model Internationally?) and get on your way.

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  • sauka pedro ali

    Reply Reply August 31, 2013

    Hello my name is Sauka pedro ali iam 27 years old from france but originaly Angola i lives in Paris iam an artist with several specialty 🙂 dance is my priority
    i have quiet alot of experience in modeling world i use to work with many ethni designer all around the world iam serious motivate passionate men i hope to get a quick response then i can send my portfolio but you can already find some picture of me on google researsh with name sauka pedro ali thank you
    kinds regards

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