Christian modeling advice and tips

Christian modeling advice and tips – How to approach modeling from a Christian perspective.

There is a lot of modeling advice out there.  But how does one know the difference between decent/honest advice and poor/deceitful advice?  This is one of the drivers behind Modeling Wisdom… to provide virtuous guidance and direction for those who desire to become a Christian model.

Some people wonder, is Christian modeling any different than modeling as a non-Christian?  How does one become a Christian model?  Truth is, Christian modeling and non-Christian modeling are very much the same.  The difference is typically found in the way they carry themselves and their business.  One has a strong set of standards that drives them daily to be great while keeping them from making very poor decisions.  The other does not care about the decisions as long as it brings fortune and exudes success.

You see, one is so focused on personal success and self-promotion that they care not for what others think or feel as long as their is some benefit.  This is not the way of the Christian Models.  They understand that though this is a passion placed in their hearts, their is something greater than the self-satisfaction of obtaining a temporary and often dissatisfying goal at the expense of others.

Trusting in the Lord to open doors and create fascinating opportunities takes a lot of faith.  But I have done this for my whole career (and I have not been let down yet).  I mean, come on!  I have traveled the world as a working international model.  Working for designers such as D&G, Levi’s, Esquire, Volkswagen, Pierre Cardin, Under Armour, and so on.  In fact, I am currently Under Armour’s fitness model.  And I have done ALL of this while trusting the the Lord’s provision over my own personal and self-satisfying gain.

You see, the greatest thing about Christian Modeling is that you are not in control, and NO, this is NOT a bad thing.  It means I get to let someone else help me reach ALL of my goals as long as I trust the He will.  And He does!

This is what it looks like in action.  Say I want to become a fitness model for Men’s Health and this has been on my heart as a desire for years now.  I first pray.  I now let God take action and when opportunities arise, I jump on them!  I wait for the right opportunities to present themselves and make sure I am always ready to take action.  I am never caught off guard.  What this means, is that I may not know when the opportunities will arise, so I must stay ready at ALL times.  I trust in the Lord and take action as often as possible.

Now here is what it might look like from a non-Christian perspective (this of course if figurative).  I have a deep desire stamped on my mind to become the same Men’s Health fitness model.  I have no idea how this will happen and realize it is 100% on my own shoulders to accomplish this task.  So I lie just a little bit, I scheme/plot just a tiny bit, I do whatever it takes to make this dream happen not worrying about who might be negatively affected by my actions.  I justify it by saying “if I don’t do this, I may never ever reach my dream.”  I have to cheat and lie because this may be my best and only chance!

Christian models understand that God provides.  Christian modeling has an element of faith that seems foreign and even sabotaging to the unbeliever.  The biggest thing I can tell you from all of my experience is that the greatest things happen when I let go of control and let God control the situation.

Always remain faithful, hold tight to your virtues, and instead of trying to pound your way through life to your dreams, understand that God already knows them.  And he Will Provide.  You might miss out on a couple opportunities, but better and more right opportunities are on the way.  Stay ready.


  • Kathy

    Reply Reply February 18, 2015

    Wow…this is exactly what I have been waiting to hear!!!

    I am a Christian and I have a desire to model but only under GOD’s direction. I have prayed to GOD to reveal to me whether or not this will be a good opportunity for me to take advantage of since there can be a lot of opposition involved in this industry.

    As I read your article, it makes me truly believe that there was a reason for me running across the article and can very well be an answer from GOD on what I am seeking.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information…I find it very useful! May GOD continue to bless you, abundantly! 🙂

    • Jonah Levi Taylor

      Reply Reply February 18, 2015

      Ha well I thank you kindly and am very glad it helped you. God is in the business of doing amazing things through us:)

  • Anubhav

    Reply Reply February 20, 2015

    This is great!!
    I am non-christian and nor model but i would like to become and this modelling i guess its wonderful to start because its under God Grace

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