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Do I Have What It Takes To Become A Model?

I have noticed many things since I started Modeling Wisdom back in 2011. And one thing that stands out to me is a common question that as I reflected on Modeling Wisdom’s journey thus far, noticed has dominated our blogs, articles, and comment threads.

In the beginning it would make me laugh a little when people would ask me this–Mainly because I didn’t understand why they needed my input at all in reference to this question.

You see, they weren’t asking for advice, information, or answers to their hard fought questions. They simply wanted my blessing it seemed.

So what was the question? The most common request I get asked or approached with is, Do I Have What It Takes to Become a Model?

And here is my answer every single time… if you have a strong enough Faith to see it through, then YES you do have what it takes.

Listen, of course modeling is very much about the measurements and requirements that you see mandated on the runway and in high fashion shows. But what you don’t see is some of the determination that it took to get there.

Many of these girls and guys have dreamt about this for their entire life. They sacrificed, paid for, went broke, sat alone, paid the dues that went into becoming a model–even when others told them to give in, give up, it’s not for you, it’s a waste of time.

What I am really saying is, it all starts with a burning desire and if you have this desire, then you can do almost anything. So to answer many of your questions of Do I Have What It Takes to Become a Model? ‘Yes, as long as you are willing and able to see it to its end.’

Here’s my advice… check your measurements and see if you meet the requirements. If you do and can combine it with a deep burning desire to be a model, then you absolutely have what it takes and this is evident.

Now, if you find that you are like most women and men who do not fall perfectly into these guidelines, then you must start by asking yourself, ‘Do I Want It Badly Enough To See It All The Way Through Even If It Takes Everything I Got?’

I tell you now, if you have said YES to this question, then you certainly DO have what it takes to be a model. This is more powerful than the right measurements. Because in the end, the one who has the strongest will will press through.

If you are curious as to whether or not you have what it takes to be a model, analyze your inner self and discover what you are willing to sacrifice to make your dream happen. Then do everything in your power to meet the rest of the requirements for modeling.

This is and will be enough to make your dreams come true. Pray hard and always maintain faith in yourself and God. With Him you have the power to do all things.

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