Fitness Modeling Tips And Motivation

Bryce Buell Fitness ModelAs a fitness model it is imperative that you always be working on your body in some way shape or form. The moment you lose sight of your efforts and fail to continue growing or maintaining your physique, the moment you leave yourself open to competition and losing all that you have worked so hard for.

There is a solid amount of aspiring fitness models out there and each one is looking for a way in. Typically, it is the beginners and fresh faces who are the hungry ones.  They are the ones in the gym shaping, toning, growing, and pushing themselves hard every day.

Now this isn’t meant to scare anyone into working hard or say that they are not working as hard as well. It is merely the understanding that one can lose what they worked so hard for and others want to be successful too. Just as you came up and established yourself, someone else is looking to do the same thing.  

The truth is, it is a lot easier to maintain a great physique than it is to establish one for the first time. So once you have established a great physique, do the work to keep it. You have worked incredibly hard and all you have to do now is not become passive and lazy. Always keep perfecting. Achieve, critique, maintain.

Whatever physical goal you are currently working on, whether it be adding mass, toning up, or simple cutting down body fat to appear as though you have done both, always keep perfecting. The bible tells us that our bodies are a temple. So take exceptional care of it.

One of the greatest methods to staying ambitious and consistent in reaching your goals is goal setting; knowing the body that you ultimately want to achieve. Take the time, research, find pictures, create measurements, do whatever you feel you must do to create and envision the most absolute, perfect body you can imagine. This will be the basis of all your efforts and determination.

Now this doesn’t mean it won’t change over time. You may decide that you want to pursue a completely different goal later on and that is fine. But in the meantime, take some time to discover exactly what you want your body to look like when all things are said and done. This gives you a couple things.

Jonah Taylor Male Fitness Model

Fitness Modeling Tips And Motivation

It gives you direction. It gives you a purpose for being in the gym and working hard day after day after day knowing that every workout brings you one step closer to the ultimate goal that you have set for yourself.

Another thing it gives you is vision. You may have smaller goals such as finally seeing 2 of your 8 abs, or to have 15 inch biceps one day. But the purpose of the ultimate, big picture goal is to provide you with a vision; a vision of what you will look like at the peak of your game. What this does is it gives you an end result, something that informs you that you have made it.

This is important because otherwise men get caught up in the vanity and never realize that they have hit there mark and are truly in elite shape being in a class all their own. They work and work and work, but still somehow feel inadequate and unsuccessful. By having direction and vision, you will work harder than you ever have, and know when you are close to your destination.

I will tell you that in the end, this can be a life changing practice and may alter your outlook on life entirely. Few people take the time to set such powerful goals and actually take the time to reach them. But that is a topic for another time and a different blog altogether. The key concept when it comes to goal setting is not to hold yourself back. Heaven is the limit.

When you are envisioning your ultimate body, allow yourself to dream. No holds barred. Imagine the perfect body you could have. Maybe it is someone you look up to. Maybe it is a picture you can’t stop staring at in Men’s Health. Whatever it is, dream big.

Having goals is wise and physical goals are no exception. They will help guide your eating habits and overall nutrition, your workouts, even how you take care of yourself outside of the gym; when you are at work or on vacation. Goals will keep you on track and allow you to stay motivated.

fitness model advice and tipsSo the idea is to keep perfecting and we do this by setting goals. Whether it is improving or maintaining, a good fitness model always has something to work on. It starts by envisioning your ultimate body shape and size. Be meticulous, down to the details. It is okay if your goals change. Truth is, they probably will over time.

But they are worth it as they provide the goal setter with focus, guidance, and inspiration. Once you feel as though you have come close to achieving your ultimate body type, then you can begin the process of maintaining or making slight modifications. Let’s use body building for example.

Body builders are never fully satisfied with their bodies. They always want to be bigger, more toned, less body fat, stronger here, or stronger there. Even when they hit their goals, they simply make new ones. Once you have come close to obtaining the body you have envisioned, new goals will be created.

This is great. It is kind of like adding the finishing touches to a magnificent painting. 98% of the work is done, but there may be a couple of small modifications that could take this painting from “good enough” to an entirely new, more elite status; the difference between a couple hundred dollar painting and a couple thousand dollar painting.

This is what separates another good fitness model from a famous fitness model. The bottom line is to always make sure you have goals lined up; small goals that you want to achieve within 6 months or so, to big picture goals that you hope to accomplish over the next 20 years, and the bigger goals are more important that the small goals.

Having these goals is imperative to maintaining your drive and commitment to your temple. Without these goals, there is nothing that is holding you accountable. There is nothing to work for. Going to the gym and fitness will not be at the top of your priority list. They won’t even be in the middle of your list.

Once that happens, someone else with goals and vision will take your spot. So always keep perfecting your body and the best way to do this is by setting up short term and long term goals. When it comes to your ultimate body, achieve it, critique it, then maintain it and then let God Bless it.

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