How Do Models Lose Weight and Stay Thin?

what do models eat and how do they lose weight?This is the age-old question, how do models lose weight and stay thin?  Many speculate that they just don’t eat and subsequently, it is easy to lose weight and stay thin.  Of course there will always be fools who follow this shallow technique, but most models are smart enough to take healthier, alternative routes; whether it be through diets, exercise, or simply great genetics.  This is a blog giving an overall, broad outlook into how models lose weight and stay thin.

Many models, much like fitness and nutritional experts, don’t look at every meal as an opportunity to feast, but rather a privilege and a necessity.  They eat when they are hungry and they only eat until they are full.  Subsequently, they eat less and the cycle continues in their favor.  The key here is moderation.  Many models eat small amounts many times throughout the day.  This keeps their metabolism firing and burning on all cylinders all day long.  Even when they crave the unhealthy sweet things, they eat only a small portion instead of eating the entire cake.

Of the infinite diets in the world, models have likely tried them all; whether it be the juice diet, the atkins diet, the velocity diet, the dukan diet, the weight-watchers diet, the vegan diet, the kosher diet, or any of the wild diets out there.  The only problem with these is that they work only for a limited time.  The word “diet” actually refers to what a person eats “everyday”, not what they eat for the next 8 weeks.  Once finished with the diet, most individuals gain their weight back to some extent.  Here in lies the problem, eating a specific way for a small amount of time will yield results for a small amount of time.  Models do a great job of making their eating habits, a lifestyle.  They are not dieting, this is how they eat everyday.  Start by making 1 or 2 healthier choices every single day and you will also notice it is easier to lose weight and stay thin.

Another great way models stay thin is through exercise.  Though the proper nutrition alone can keep a person healthy, most individuals do not eat healthy enough to neglect exercise.  Also, adding some exercise and resistance training to your daily lifestyle can add some additional shaping and toning.  One thing to keep in mind is that models need their body.  It is their paycheck.  The rest of the world simply “wants” to look good, models “need” to look good.  This gives them extra motivation and incentive to eat right and hit the gym often.  If the rest of the world can find similar incentives and motivation, it becomes less of a task and more of an outlet.

How do models eat and stay skinny?With all this said, some models don’t have to do much of anything to lose weight and stay thin.  They eat what they want and workout spontaneously.  Genetically, they have been blessed.  That doesn’t mean that they will always be able to live this way, but at the moment, they have nothing to worry about.  We all know someone who eats like garbage all day and somehow maintains the perfect physique regardless.  For some people and models, losing weight and staying thin is simply a matter of genetics.

How models lose weight and stay thin is kind of a broad question.  But these are some of the main ways models achieve and maintain their bodies.  Some have great genetics and everything just falls into place while others have to work like fiends just to discover one ab.  Eating healthier and in moderation on a “lifestyle” basis, combined with exercising is something that most models do.  There are infinite ways to lose weight, but these are the only ones that will likely keep the pounds off.  Find some good motivation and start making 1 or 2 healthier decisions each day.  Someday you will be writing your own blog about how to lose weight and stay thin.


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