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How does the modeling industry work

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Modeling 101… How Does The Modeling Industry Work: Since my dear friend Jonah started his remarkable modeling blog, he has asked me to contribute content from time to time due to my many years of experience in the modeling industry. I think it would be helpful to start from the beginning with the basics of what modeling is all about and some of the terms used thoughout the business. Since the beginning of advertising, businesses have used models to showcase their products or services. In the modeling world, businesses that employ models are called clients. To find just the right model for its image, a client turns to a modeling agency. When the client hires a model for a particular job, that’s called a booking. The client then pays the agency for that booking, and the agency pays the model, deducting a standard percentage from the booking fee as its commission.

In the United States, the industry standard commission rate for modeling agencies is 20 percent. For example, if a client books a model for a day at $1000.00, the agency receives $200.00 as its commission, and the model receives $800.00. Commission rate standards are different in other countries however. For example in Milan, Italy the industry standard commission rate is 50% — in Paris up to 65%.

A modeling agency serves a geographical region or modeling market. Agencies in most markets require exclusivity, meaning that model only work with that one agency in that particular geographical area, however one model may work with many agencies worldwide ~ one in each market.

how does the modeling business really work

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Smaller markets, such the Baltimore-Washington area, are called local markets. These markets don’t have nearly enough work to sustain a career in modeling. However, it is in these smaller markets that most models are discovered and developed. It is here they gain the experience necessary to break into the larger markets.

A model who is talented enough and guided correctly can break into larger markets such as New York, Miami, and Los Angeles ~ where it’s possible to obtain the quality bookings and money necessary to sustain a career in the modeling industry. This is how the modeling industry works!

~Bryce Aaron Buell

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