How I Became A Model – Model Susan Lackner

We always hear about models who are just picked up off the street and suddenly on their way flying across the world shooting for ads like Dolce & Gabana and Versace.  But the hard truth is that for 98% of the models in the world, this is not the case.  Many models work for years and never reach the level of success they desire.  That is why I find it so interesting to hear of successful models and their beginnings.  How they started out before all the flights to Paris and runway shows?  Susan Lackner is an established model who has been on the scene for many years now.  She has recently taken up new endeavors but still enjoys a photo shoot now and then.  This is Susan Lackner’s story of “How I Became A Model?”

How I became a professional model - Susan Lackner

Model Susan Lackner

Susan:  I became a model after I kept getting approached by people in high school asking me if I was a model.  There was a girl in my school that modeled and I thought she was so beautiful that I wanted to see if I could make it in the modeling world too.  First, I entered beauty pageants with my parents help and became runner-up for Miss Teen Ohio.  I then went to a nearby modeling agency (David & Lee) in Cleveland, Ohio that my schoolmate had went to and met my agent Karen.  She had me get some dental work done and take ballet lessons to work on improving the smoothness of my moves with walking and posing for the camera.  She also sent me for a complete makeover at a salon that she chose for me and then I was on my way to getting my portfolio put together with photographers that the agency set up for me as well.  Some of the photo shoots were free because they were doing test shoots and others cost ~$300-$500 for a 4 hour shoot.  Usually you’ll get about 3 or 4 good photos to use for your portfolio from one shoot, but it’s a good idea not too use the same photographer for all of your photos, but a variety of photographers, locations, and clothing/make-up/hair changes.  After that, I was off.  I booked many jobs and got the opportunity to model in a couple different areas of the globe including Germany.

The one thing that every model can take from this is that every model will have their own unique story of how they became a model someday.  The key is to let it play out.  Work hard and don’t quit.  This will only guarantee that your story is a great one:)

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