How Short is Too Short for Modeling?

How short is too short for modeling?If you have been following this blog, you know that there are numerous fields of modeling that individuals can pursue.  This is what led me to write the blog Can Anyone Become A Model?  But is there a certain height limit that must be met in order to even be considered for modeling?  I mean, at some point, there has to be a cut off right?  You don’t see 4’8″ models out there unless those 4’8″ models are children!  There are always exceptions to the rule, but if there is a cut off point where an individual’s chances of becoming a model are drastically lowered, for bottom end for women is around 5’4″, and roughly 5’6″ for men.  

Of course, women fashion and runway models are typically 5’9″ or taller.  Catalog models may even be 5’7″ or taller (you can read more about this in the post Measurements of Modeling).  When it comes to fitness, bikini, lingerie, models can be even slightly shorter than this.  But truthfully, female models who are 5’5″ or 5’6″ will likely have a hard time booking bigger jobs.  When it comes to men, anything less than 5’7″ is going to be rough going.  That all leads to the great thing about acting, dancing and singing etc. because every shape and size is accepted and needed.  So if you find yourself on the short end of the stick, don’t get down.  There are still many avenues that one can pursue.  Many acquaintances of mine who were too short to model ended up either as photographers, make-up/hair stylists, set designers, or started their own agency.  The list goes on.  The bottom line is never quit and always try your best to do what you love.  Eventually you will find a way.

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