what is the Definintion of Photogenic

Define Photogenic |The Definition of Photogenic |Photogenic Definition.

what is the Definintion of Photogenic

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Define Photogenic: Exploring the quality of looking good in front of the camera

You’ve likely heard the term “photogenic" at least once. Heck, you might have been called that yourself. We’ve also likely mentioned it at some point while talking about the qualities that a model needs to have. There may not be a single photogenic definition, but it all depends on how you approach the subject.

What is the photogenic definition?

Simply put, being photogenic means having an affinity for the camera — that is, the quality of looking good whenever your photographed or filmed. To some, this comes naturally. For others, it is something that can be learned or developed over time. Others will see it as something that either you have or you don’t.

According to Dictionary.com, we can define photogenic as an adjective that means “forming an attractive subject for photography or having features that look well in a photograph." The latter half of that statement is probably the more commonly known photogenic definition. While a person may not exactly be the most attractive in person, it’s possible that he or she will look amazing in a photograph.

Being photogenic is an important trait for models, particularly those who specialize in print. Photographers might encounter models and say they ‘photograph well’, meaning they look good on camera and once the prints come out.

There’s really no foolproof way to tell whether someone will or will not look good in print, which is why test shots are done sometimes to ensure that the desired results can be achieved.

What influences the photogenic quality?

Being photogenic may be largely an inherent trait on the part of the subject, but there are also external factors that can influence it. For example, the photography setup can help enhance certain characteristics or features of the model (and the converse is also true). Lighting, props, surrounding elements, and even the overall theme of a shoot can also affect the resulting photos.

The quality may also be influenced by how people carry themselves in real life; certain nuances and attitudes won’t be reflected by a camera lens, and this may diminish the photogenic quality of a person. But hey, being more attractive in real life isn’t all that bad, is it?

It’s easy to define photogenic off the top of one’s head, but it’s not really that easy to explain it or to come up with one meaning that can encompass such a complex quality. We all have our own idea of what’s beautiful, and this can also affect how we perceive photogenics.

Not everyone can be called photogenic; some of us just don’t photograph well, while there are people of whom you can’t seem to take a bad photograph no matter how hard you try (Read, How To Be Photogenic – How To Be MORE Photogenic!).

If you’re lucky enough to be considered photogenic, being aesthetically pleasing in front of the camera could just be something that you can take advantage of. Perhaps you could try your hand at modeling for print or being a model for glamour photographers. There are plenty of options that will allow you to maximize that quality. Either way, put you faith in God and He will provide the rest. God bless!!

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