How to become a fashion model

Ah, it must really be nice to be a fashion model. The riches, the lifestyle, and the glamour that we’ve all seen portrayed in mass media is surely enticing for most people. Of course, becoming one doesn’t just happen overnight unless you’re that one-in-a-million star that gets discovered out of nowhere and hits it big instantly because of some inherent divine charm or interstellar good looks.

Becoming a fashion model requires commitment, hard work, and a whole lot of discipline. If you’re prepared to give all those things, you can make it in the industry, too. If you’re looking for a basic guide to help you out, you’ve come to the right place.

Starting out as a fashion model

Before you head for your first casting call, there are a bunch of things you need to accomplish first. Taking that first step is the most important—that is, deciding that you want to be a fashion model. Being committed to this career is going to shape how you work for it.

Then, you’re going to have to fit the bill in terms of what modeling agencies are looking for. Prescibed measurements will vary depending on the type of fashion modeling work, so it would help if you can seek out opportunities that fit your body and the kind of things you want to be modeling. Do your research and find the best fit.

Setting up as a fashion model

If you’re not confident about your modeling skills, don’t fret—you can always learn. Try to see if there are modeling classes offered in your area. Workshops and short courses should give you a good measure of preparation in terms of skills.

Should you choose the agency route, you will need to come up with a variety of photos for your portfolio or for a comp card. These will be sent to prospective agencies that you want to sign up with. Agencies will get you booked and will also help you learn the requisite skills for your chosen profession.

You don’t have to break the bank just to come up with a decent portfolio. Just come up with simple pictures that showcase yourself in a variety of poses, and that’s it. Nothing too elaborate; it might be better to just show off your natural beauty.

Finding and signing with your modeling agency

Once you’re done with the required stuff, you can send those to a few agencies you may want to sign with. Filter agencies depending on which you think are most reputable as well as those who have established clients, which would help prove the agency’s ability to get you solid gigs.

It’s not always going to work on the first try, and it might take you a while, but if you’re really committed to making a career out of fashion modeling, then you need to keep trying. If you give up right from the first rejection, then this industry will likely just eat you up.

Remember, having the right mindset and attitude will help you get through these initial steps and hopefully you’ll be able to land your first fashion modeling job soon after signing with an agency. Do what you love to do and work hard to achieve your goals, and perhaps you’ll be the next big fashion model. God Bless and good luck!

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