How to become a Fitness Model? – Where to Start?

How to be a Fitness model Jonah TaylorSo in the journey toward becoming a fitness model, where would one even begin to start? What is the first step? What can you begin to do today that will help get you on your way toward becoming the fitness model that you are inevitably going to become! Well, it’s pretty simple actually. The very first place you will start your journey is…………….. In The Gym.

That’s right, starting today, whether it be a gym at your work; a gym membership somewhere nearby, or whether it’s a friend who has an in home gym that you like to break into while they are gone at work and sweat up the place while eating all of their food, I don’t care. Your journey toward becoming a fitness model entails that you be in phenomenal shape. In short, you need to be in the best shape of your entire life! That is where your journey is going to begin. Your whole goal is to create your future body, and then perfect it! You are to create and perfect such a body that will inspire others to get theirs butts into the gym and workout; The body that lands you multiple modeling jobs and even perhaps acting jobs because you have such a great physique that clients don’t know if they will ever see something like this again. They MUST use you because there is no one else like you!

The bottom line is this, your body is going to be your business card from now on. When clients ask you to take your shirt off, it is your time to shine. This is your proud moment. You love it when they ask you for this! Because this means that they are going to be impressed. They are going to see the best asset you have to offer; your physical business card. Your temple! This is where all of your hard work has gone and it is worth putting on display.

The truth is great looking bodies are hard to come by. It’s true, the vast overwhelming majority of the world does not have a great physique and many of the ones that do are not interested in or even aware that they could be involved in fitness modeling. That leaves a small minority group of men and women with incredible bodies that are ready for and capable of fitness modeling. The world has literally left the door wide open for You! But you have to want it! You have to dream of it! You have to want it so badly that you wish there were 19 days in a week so you could go to the gym more!

Even before I began to model, I was already hitting the gym. But I wasn’t just “working out." I was absolutely killing it in the gym!! There was never enough weight. Even if I could only do one rep of an exercise, on the next set, I was adding weight. My mind would say that I may only get one or two more reps, but I was getting 5 more. I was reckless, I was motivated, I was borderline crazy. I wanted to be in the sickest shape anyone had ever seen and I wasn’t going to waste unnecessary time. I wasn’t going to take any supplement other than protein, but I also wasn’t going to let the process of building my body take even one second longer than it had to.

I was going to shape and mold a body that no one had in the gym; a body that made people comment and aspire to mimic. I was so passionate about it that on Friday and Saturday nights, while everyone else in the world was relaxing and out partying, I was out running sprints. I lived near a track field and while the rest of the world and my friends were drinking beer and being lazy, I was getting ahead. They were taking steps backward, while I was taking steps forward. I figured with every run I took, I was one step closer to beating out one of the models who I would someday be competing against.

I figured my competition was probably out relaxing somewhere having a beer and I was getting a step on him. It wasn’t pride, it was passion. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I simply wanted to follow a passion I had stirring in my heart. I had the faith. I had the prayers. I had the passion to go on ahead and accomplish something that I had only previously dreamed of accomplishing. So I would run. I would workout. I would eat right. And I would do it all over again. I would take whatever honest leap of faith I could to make my passions come to reality.

Fitness Model Jonah Taylor for Dolce & Gabana Sportswear

Fitness Model Jonah Taylor for Dolce & Gabana Sportswear

This is what you must be ready to do, follow your heart wherever it takes you along this journey. The bottom line is that it takes hard work to do this and the harder you are willing to work, the faster and greater your journey will come to reality. Learn all that you can about fitness. Equip and educate yourself. Fitness models need to know how to work out efficiently. They need to be knowledgeable on how to eat properly and how to work out so they are not wasting their own time and can make the proper changes when necessary. So perhaps for those with very little background in fitness and nutrition, getting a personal trainer twice a week to help you better understand how to work out is worth every penny. And pay attention! Learn! Ask questions! The more you know, the more you will accomplish.

It can be impossible to reach your goals if you do not have the “know how" to do so. Start by finding someone who can help you with this, someone who has knowledge in these areas and is willing to share it with you. This isn’t hard to do either as most personal trainers and gym buffs love to share their experiences and knowledge with those who truly care to know. Everyone loves to teach and if you go about it in a kind and gentle way, you will have no problem finding out what works best for others in the gym and ultimately, you!

If you already have a good understanding of how to work out, then get to work building and toning! But even you can still ask questions and equip yourself with more knowledge. One of the greatest benefits of becoming a fitness model is the knowledge you pick up in doing so. People will begin to ask you questions of how you got into such great shape. They will want to know the secret that helped get you from scrawny to diesel. You can never know too much and information within the fitness industry is always changing. So continue to search for the most efficient ways to create and perfect your temple (body). In my case, I started learning so much that in a few years ago I decided to obtain my certification and become a full time personal trainer.

And since then I have kept educating myself to the point of working for UnderArmour and FX Studios as one of their sponsored personal trainers; working with athletes such as Cam Newton and Brandon Jennings. We are also blessed enough to work with numerous pro-bound athletes just coming out of college. It is great to see them grow and how they fit in with the pros. But this is just one of the benefits of educating yourself and growing as a fitness model.

So where should a beginner to fitness modeling start? Right in the gym! The whole idea is to create that powerful and impressive body, and then perfect it. But you really have to want it. Building a body takes time. It is not going to happen overnight and steroids and other illegal supplements are not allowed and cannot be considered. If you do not have the deep passion to become a fitness model and build and shape that incredible temple that is your body, you may fall short of your target.

My hope and prayer is that you will have the strength, the courage, and the will to successfully accomplish your dreams. Remember, while you are building your temple, remember to ask questions and search for better ways to maximize gains. The more knowledge you have, the easier it is going to be. Just work your tail off, learn as much as you possibly can, and stay focused on your dreams and passions.

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