How To Become A Model: Part 4


Male Model Jonah Taylor of Modeling Wisdom

Jonah Taylor of Modeling Wisdom

The Step-by-Step Modeling Guide: Part 4

Scoring your first gig definitely takes effort and patience, and we are about to tackle the steps necessary to do so.

4. Your first job!

~ Plan just like you would for a casting

I’ve mentioned the need for professionalism before, and this is one of the instances where you need to exhibit that trait. You’re going to get directions from your agency, including stuff like where and when you need to go as well as what you need to bring. Follow directions and make sure you’re punctual!

~ Bring lots of clothes

Apart from bringing the clothes that were required of you, you should also try and bring some extra items just in case. This way, if ever the client needs something more (like, if they think that they’ve shot you wearing a couple of dresses too many times already), you will have something fresh handy.

~ Always be polite and courteous

You never know if this client would ask for you again for future projects, so it pays to leave a good impression. Being polite to the people you work with will definitely go a long way, as they will most likely enjoy working with you and thus increase the likelihood of future work with them.

~ Get that waiver signed

Aside from runway modeling, most modeling gigs usually entail a waiver that’s signed by the client. The agency is the one who will get you these waivers, as they contain details like the number of hours you’ve worked, any overtime beyond the agreed upon duration, and other stipulations. Think of the waiver as a contract between your agency and the client.

5. Get the photos or the finished product

~ Getting photos or finished product

For portfolio purposes, you definitely want to get your hands on the finished product from your first gig. Ask for the tear sheets from the gig, which are examples of your actual work. These are typically from magazines, and are great additions to your portfolio, showcasing the first job you’ve completed.

~ Payment

Of course, with your job done, you will be getting paid—the first fruits of your hard labor. Your compensation usually takes 1 to 3 months to arrive.

With your first gig in the bag, you should now be ready for the next batch of steps. It’s on to the next milestone for you and that is gaining experience.  Hopefully the next steps will truly get you to your goal: modeling success! If you have any questions or clarifications you want to send my way, don’t think twice about dropping me a line through the ‘Contact Me’ page. I’d be more than delighted to help you out.

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