How To Become A Model: Part 5

Discover how to become a model at modeling wisdomThe Step-by-Step Modeling Guide: Part 5.

This is it—the last leg, the final mile, crunch time. With your first job in the books, you will be building on that in order to achieve great success as a professional model. This is part 5 and following the next three steps will help you achieve what others can only dream about. Let’s get right to them, shall we?

1. Keep Shootin’

As I’ve said, you need to build on what you’ve done so far. This includes a variety of things, mostly just repeating stuff you’ve been doing: getting more photos, adding the really good stuff to your portfolio, which should really improve over time as you take on more jobs. Make sure clients will want to book you by the amount and quality of work showcased in your portfolio.

2. Establish yourself in the market, get higher-end jobs

This process doesn’t happen overnight; it’s achieved gradually. It gets tougher considering the competition; no matter if you’re in a small or big city, there will be stiff competition. Keep making connections. Do your work well and in a professional manner to get new clients and so that existing clients will also be loyal to you.

3. Is it time to go bigger?

Once you’ve built your profile more and improved your modeling skills enough, you might feel ready to take another step up. That’s the best time to ask yourself if it’s time to go bigger—consider switching to a bigger agency perhaps, or moving to a bigger market, or try to do new things in your career.

~ Are there better agencies for you?

If you feel like you’d be best served by signing with a different agency, go ahead. It might be because your current one doesn’t work or isn’t working anymore, or you might just need a place that’s a better fit. Note that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better in this case—it’s all about looking for the agency that can truly help propel your career forward.

~ Do you need a bigger market?

Evaluate your current status and see if you’ve already maxed out the opportunities and your potential in your market. If you think so, then it’s logical to try and make it in a bigger market.

~ Is there anything you can do that you’re not already doing?

Perhaps you think you’ve done everything already in your current market or niche. Maybe you need a change simply to try out something new or add to your range. Find out which options are available to you and don’t hesitate to think bigger and try new things!

Well that’s part 5 and there is only one part left, Part 6. Here’s hoping you’re following the steps and, more importantly, getting your desired results. There’s one more installment in this series, which is coming right up. Be sure to check out for the Step-by-Step Modeling Guide’s conclusion!

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