How To Get Your Child, Kid, Toddler, or Baby Into Modeling!

How to get you baby into modeling!Child Modeling 101

Being a model is serious stuff and entails a lot of hard work and effort. Adults have a tough time in the industry as it is; what more if children are the ones doing the modeling? Anyway, child modeling is a great way to support your kid’s needs as well as to set up funds for future use, like for tuition and stuff.

Read on below to get more information about child modeling, and how you can go about the process.

Cute kids rule

You’ll need to have the basics down first. As with older models, children also need to have the look in order to even be considered at casting calls and auditions.

While there’s no template and children also come with their own particular appeal, the Gerber baby is a classic example that should help set expectations. You should also check out some spreads, TV spots, or print ads featuring child models so you’ll have an idea whether your kid fits the bill or not.

Qualities desired of child models

Being cute is not enough—there are millions of other cute kids out there, after all—so it would really help your kid if he or she has the following qualities:

* Well-behaved – while your kid will be handled by professionals who have likely encountered thousands of bawling kids over the years, it would still be ideal if your kid can behave.
* Photogenics – good looks need to be complemented by proper photogenics. Kids still aren’t conscious of this, but some of them are able to photograph well on their own and without trying too hard.
* Can follow instructions – simply because the kid will be given a lot of instructions. It will help the production team, the handlers, the agency, yourself, and the child as the process becomes much easier and less time-consuming when a toddler can follow some sort of instruction.

Getting booked

The first thing you should do is take a few snaps of your cute little kid. If you know a photographer that’s skilled enough, why not enlist his or her aid? Then you send these out to the agencies or go to auditions. Once you’re signed by an agency, try to start building up the child’s profile by nailing spreads in magazines or print ads.

Once the child becomes more established, you can move on to TV spots, which generally pay more and gives your kid more exposure. Who knows, your kid might even reach child star status and get some roles in TV series or movies and end up like The Biebs or Miley!  Child modeling is no joke. Even though the time requirements and shoot durations aren’t as long or as intense as with adult models, you still have to keep your child’s development and health in mind. Don’t forget to take the necessary steps to ensure your kid learns and develops properly even when engaged in a part-time modeling job.

Of course, when handled right, modeling can be a very positive and enriching experience for your child. From self-esteem benefits to advanced development and early exposure to responsibility, there are many good things that can be learned by a child through this industry. Best of all, your child could have loads of fun!

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