How to Get Your Pet into Modeling?

How to get pets into acting and modeling. Jack Russell named "Slappy"

Example of a good pet head-shot

If you, like most people do, think of your pet as more of a celebrity than an animal, you have probably thought at some point about pet modeling.  You imagine your pet on the cover of pet magazines, pet food and treat labels, and acting in commercials as well as movies.  Though all this may be a stretch, pet modeling can be the means to some additional cash in your pocket.  Especially if your pet is well behaved and well trained.  This is perhaps the most important detail in pet modeling.  But much like actual models, pets will also fair best by finding an agency.  This is what you do:

  • Search agencies in your area (or as far as you are willing to drive for castings/auditions).
  • Take a couple great photographs of your pet and submit them along with some measurements to the agency you have chosen.
  • Wait to hear back.  If they like your pet’s look and personality, they will likely have you come to the agency to personally meet your pet before signing them.  They may ask you if your pet has any training, or if you might be willing to have them trained?  This costs money so make certain it is worth it.
  • Perform any final necessary steps that are required and viola, your pet has a modeling/acting agency and is ready for work! (how much work and how often all depends on where you live and the agency you have chosen, so choose wisely).
How to get your pet into modeling?

Your pet needs to be able to do more than this!

This is how it works: agencies take the photos that you supply of your pet and they display them to all of their clients.  The clients go through and choose the pets that best suit their product.  If your pet meets their requirements you will get a call and either audition for the job, or in certain cases, they may just book your pet based on the photo and agency reputation.

Most pets will not work very often.  This is just how it goes.  But all pets need to be cute and well trained.  Pets should be able to understand basic commands such as lay down, sit down, step forward, step back and head down.  They must take direction well and not get scared and pee when directed.
Most pet models/actors will likely never be superstars or make it famous, but pet modeling can be a nice way to earn some extra cash on the side.  Just note that everyone in the entire world thinks that their pet is the sweetest and prettiest pet on the planet, so don’t take offense if nobody else does.  Just be thankful and make the best of the opportunities that do come your way:)

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