How to know if you’re a model!

How to know if you are model material?

(This list was created by the writers of Modeling Wisdom. This of course, does not replace individual opinion. Feel free to call yourself a model regardless of the points made below). Let’s face it, people associate being a model as something fun and exciting. There is something about telling friends and family that you are a working model and to look out for your next gig. But how do you know when you have made it? When can you actually call yourself a model? When can you tell other people that you are a model? Well, these may not be all of the identifiers, but here are some signs to help you know if you have actually become a model. You could call yourself a model if……

  • You belong to a legitimate, known modeling agency.
  • You have a portfolio full of tear sheets (pictures of work you have done).
  • People across the globe know the names of the companies you have modeled for (i.e. Dolce & Gabana and Ralph Lauren).
  • You earn a good income from modeling.
  • People recognize you from ads.
  • You have traveled extensively for modeling.
  • Modeling is your full-time job.
  • Modeling is your part time job.
  • You have modeled for Numerous companies.
  • You have modeled in NYC, Miami, Paris, or any other major modeling city for at least a short period of time.

Now, if you feel like a model but don’t associate with any of the points above, there is still much hope for you. Here are a few ways that new faces know they are close to becoming a model. You are in danger of becoming a model when…

  • How to know if you are a model?You have the beginning of a nice portfolio (a number of photographs and a couple of tear sheets).
  • You belong to a local modeling agency.
  • You have shot more than a handful of times.
  • You have a nice comp card that agencies approve of.
  • You have actually made money with modeling (go ahead and add it up!).
  • Modeling is a serious hobby.
  • You have modeled Once for a major company and or brand name (i.e. Levi’s, UnderArmour, Macy’s etc.)
  • People begin to recognize you from photo shoots.
  • You are tall, slender, and pretty (If this is you, you should thank God for this).

Of course these are not the only scenarios in which one may identify themselves as a model, or be in danger of becoming one. But these are some of the more identifiable signs of a working model as thought of by Modeling Wisdom. Believe it or not, modeling is difficult and requires patience and persistence. So always remember to believe in yourself and trust in the Lord. This way you will have the greatest help you can imagine, standing right by your side.

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