How to Walk like a Runway Model

runway model - How to walk like a runway model?This is an interesting question that most models have, How do I walk the runway? There are definitely do’s and don’ts and every model has their own personal style, but all will follow most of these basic steps. Below is a basic outline one can follow, as well as video, to create a strong walk that screams confidence (the greatest way to become confident in anything is to practice, so practice this). I have also provided video from some respected professional models and instructors to help you fully understand how to walk the runway like a professional model.

For starters, both men and women should remember that it is okay for your arms to move slightly, but only in a manner of front to back. This movement should be subtle and not overwhelm the clothing you are wearing. Also, keep good posture. Your shoulders should stay back and the back should be straight. The chin is level, or pointing slightly downward. While walking, most models tend to pick a spot eye level in front of them and stay fixed on that spot (unless told to interact with the crowd, this works best).

One difference between men and women is that for men, the legs are side by side. Men’s legs will never cross each other. With women, one foot steps in front of the other and may even overlap. Women have a specific style that is desired. It looks more appealing if the women overlap their steps, creating this stylish walk that looks great with the clothing. Though, it is important for women not to swing their hips too much. This is one way to ruin a good catwalk. Below are two separate video’s displaying exactly how a women, and a man, should walk the runway thanks to Chita Johnson and VideoJug.

Women’s Catwalk Video:

Women’s Catwalk Video provided by

Men’s Runway Video:

Men’s Runway Video by Chita Johnson of John Robert Powers School of Modeling.

After reading this article and watching the video’s you should have a great understanding of how to walk the runway like a professional model. If you really want to be a great runway model, practice and practice this some more until it becomes natural. This will bring natural confidence that screams on the runway and will indefinitely help you book more jobs. Just remember: shoulders back, chin level or slightly down, allow arms to swing naturally, and for men, steps should be side by side where as for women, steps are in front or overlapping. If you can remember to practice these steps and follow the video’s, you will have what it takes to walk the catwalk like a professional model with your own personal style.

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