Is Modeling A Good Career/Job?

Is Modeling A Good Job?  Is Modeling A Good Career?Well sort of. Modeling can be a good career if just like everything else, you stick with it, work hard, and aren’t afraid to make some changes if necessary. But for the majority of models in the world, modeling will be more like a hobby or part-time job. Few ever seem to do well enough to maintain modeling as their one and only source of income. This may be due to a few reasons.

Models don’t get regular paychecks. They get paid only when they work and even the paychecks they do receive do not come in for weeks or sometime months after the job is finished. This leads to a lot of instability financially and most people do not want, or could even handle, this type of volatility in their finances. A model must either make enough to financially cover months at a time, or work so consistently that they can begin to count on such paychecks. Most models do not meet either of these requirements.

Models also do not receive benefits. No vacation, no holidays, no health, dental or vision care etc. Some of these are not a big issue to models, others can be very costly and inconvenient.

Is modeling hard?  Is modeling a sport?Models can make lots of money if they can find continuity in their work; meaning that they either find jobs that like to use and re-use them, or they find enough miscellaneous jobs to make good money. Once established, models can expect to make a few hundred to sometimes thousands with most jobs. A model may only need to work 3 or 4 jobs/month depending on their financial situation. So the opportunity for modeling to be a good job/career is there. Though the instability and lack of benefits still remain.

A lot of people are drawn to the lifestyle modeling can demonstrate; the traveling, the connections, the money, the events. But to answer the question “Is modeling a good career” honestly, I don’t think that it is. Modeling can be a great job for a small few. A small few that are able to find maximum continuity in their modeling jobs and take it to that next level. But for most models, modeling will be more of a hobby or a part-time job. Modeling will be something that most models do on the side. That is because of the instability and the flexibility that modeling requires. All this alongside a lack of benefits makes it hard to maintain. Due to these reasons, modeling may not be a good career/job. But no matter how you dress it up, modeling can still be fun and exciting and definitely worth pursuing.

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