Is Modeling Glamorous?

Is modeling glamorous?  Well, not all the time.  Most of the glamour and events that individuals see as it pertains to modeling involve high-budgets and high-end models (supermodels).  For the rest of the modeling world, it is not always this glamorous.  That is not to say that modeling for anyone else other than supermodels is not fun, exciting, and glamorous, it’s just that there may be many jobs that a working model may perform that are not any of these.  Models just like everyone else must take the good with the bad, and some jobs are clearly better than others.

Here are three pictures from one job where I (Jonah Taylor) had to dress up as a Bellman and act statuesque while taking photos for a Breast Cancer Awareness event.  This should showcase just how some jobs are not as glamorous as others.

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  • KOJohnson

    Reply Reply October 21, 2012

    That third one is glamorous. And priceless! Put that into your portfolio–

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