Jonah Taylor’s “Extreme” Commercial for Wrigley’s Airwaves Super.

One of the greatest things about being a model is that it can lead to other opportunities. In this case, opportunities such as acting. As I was traveling and modeling all around Asia, which was all due to a wonderful placement agency I landed in NY called CommenceQuest (check them out at, I was often given the opportunity to do commercials as well. In reality, models are actors, just without speaking roles.

While I was in Taiwan, I got the chance to shoot many commercials because I was hilarious, gorgeous and charming. Though none of that last statement is true, I still found my way onto the big screen often. This commercial below was probably my favorite of all the commercials I did, due to the stunts and the fact that I am the only one in it. Check it out, let me know what you think.

So bottom line is, if you give modeling a shot and find that it is not for you, chances are that you have made some incredible relationships with people you would never had come into contact with otherwise. Many of my friends have gone from model: to photographer, to actor, or even director.

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