Jonah Taylor’s Workout Program for Dolce & Gabana!

Model Jonah Taylor in D&G Sportswear

I would create a program that would have me hitting the gym Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, rest on Thursday, hit it again on Friday and Saturday, and rest on Sunday.  However, even on my rest days I was still hitting the gym for cardio.  I had a great vision in mind and little time to fulfill it (I had 2.5 weeks before the shoot date).  Sticking to my program, I would perform many of the major lifts to target each main muscle group (clean and press, deadlifts, squats, chest press, and pull-ups). I would break them up so I was only hitting one major lift each day. I would then compound these exercises with some assistance work, (meaning I would hit the smaller less targeted muscles afterwards).  After every workout I would then hit conditioning for 40 minutes immediately after my strength training.  I would finish by eating a grocery store (a healthy grocery store).  So for example my Monday workout would look like this:

*5 minute active warm-up.

*5 sets of clean and press at 8-10 reps (max effort).

*Assistance work: (3 sets of each) Dips, bent over rows,  preacher curls.  After all this I would finish with a 5 minute ab routine.

*40 minutes of conditioning 

*Finish with some stretching

Model Jonah Taylor in D&G Sportswear

Model Jonah Taylor in D&G Sportswear

Staying in shape is what helped me land numerous jobs over much more established models.  I was able to fill out clothes that others could not.  This all leads into future blogs I will write about staying photo ready (you never know when a big client will call your name), and how every model should workout and how they would be better if they did.  I still continue to workout and stay photo ready as I am constantly on auditions and never know when prominent clients will look my way.

One of the unique parts of the shoot was that they gave me extensions and made me up to resemble Rocky.  Oddly enough, it was a lot of fun.  Needless to say, I looked strong and felt great.  The program helped me reach my goal and fulfill my vision.  To look lean and strong at a solid 185lbs.



  • Uri Kerbel

    Reply Reply February 9, 2012

    Great post Jonah. Love the blend of information and humor. Keep the articles coming.

    • admin

      Reply Reply February 11, 2012

      That’s what makes this website so popular. Humor, and occasional information.

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