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Top Male Model Sean o'prySean O’Pry: From MySpace to Top Male Model

It’s no secret that the modeling industry is highly competitive and extremely challenging. That’s why one can only marvel at the success enjoyed by top male model Sean O’Pry over the past few years. You probably didn’t know it was him, but you’ve most likely come across a couple of his ads before. Now you can put a name and a story to the face.

O’Pry ranked number one in the Forbes list of top earning male models in the world, encompassing the period from September 2012 through September 2013, during which time O’Pry is said to have earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 million. The longevity and consistency of O’Pry should make him one of the all-time greats, and it’s hard to see him toppled on the list anytime soon.

Making his mark

Sean Richard O’Pry was born in July of 1989 in Kennesaw, Georgia (we just felt the need to mention that). Back in 2006, when he was 17, fashion stylist and former America’s Next Top Model judge NolĂ© Marin noticed O’Pry through prom pictures posted in the latter’s MySpace social media account. They exchanged messages, and soon VNY Models owner Lana Winters Tomczak was talking on the phone with Sean’s mom.

He received his VNY contract offer weeks after the initial correspondence with Marin. That was the start of great things for Sean-O. He quickly established himself as a favorite among designers and it was apparent that he had an affinity with the camera lens.

Fast rise

Within a year, he was modeling for the likes of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Diesel. By 2008, he was being hailed as among the top dudes in the industry, at number 8 in the Forbes list that year. In 2009, though, he already leaped all the way to the top. During this immensely successful stretch, O’Pry has constantly been involved with the top fashion brands: Armani, Calvin Klein, D&G, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and a whole bunch of others.

who is the top male modeling of 2013 in the world - sean o'pryO’Pry admits that it was never his intention to be a model, but he was presented with the opportunity and ran with it. He says that he devotes himself to the stuff he commits to, and once he decided to give modeling a try, he was aiming for success from the get-go.

Sean-O remains simple and humble to this day, despite the move from small-town high-schooler to top model in the Big Apple. In interviews, he has stated that he remains nervous around pretty women, says that he’s just happy about getting constant jobs, and fancies his favorite style as one that involves jeans and a T-shirt.

Perhaps the success is all because of a combination of good looks, natural charm, inherent talent, and a solid work ethic. Not every aspiring male model can hope to get the path to success that Sean O’Pry has enjoyed, but one way to look at his story is, when you get the opportunity, you make the most of it. Work diligently, maintain lots of faith, and enjoy the ride.

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