Modeling 101 – By Modeling Professional Bryce Buell!

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Jonah here!  So in my travels I have met a lot of people, some more influential than others,  but not a single one more influential than Bryce Buell.  He is not only the greatest international male model I have ever met, but perhaps the greatest international male model out there period!   That’s right!  There are thousands of good models out there, but if you picked Bryce for a modeling job one hundred times, you would be happy one hundred times in a row.  I can’t say that about anyone else, not myself, nobody.

modeling 101 - model Bryce Buell sunglasses by Maurizio Montani

Fashion model Bryce Buell by Maurizio Montani

I simply love this guy and aspire to be like him.  He is the one who got me started, helped me travel, and made me successful.  He is a great friend and often helps everyone besides himself.  A few weeks back I asked him if he would write for this blog, and surprisingly, he said yes!  Then, not only did he write one blog, but he wrote a whole series.

Bryce has traveled throughout the world as a model and has spent much time in Milan, Italy, one of the biggest fashion cities in the entire world!  He started in his twenties and is still modeling professionally in his early forties, while working for the Maryland Police Department and taking care of two little girls.  This guy is legit!

I consider myself successful, but Bryce has been twice as successful.  This is why I am so glad to have his input and knowledge on this blog/website.  There are always a slew of questions to answer when beginning a journey toward modeling and Bryce is going to help us answer those.  Starting tomorrow and throughout this week, Bryce will be posting his insight and expertise on the various subjects of modeling.  Make it easy! By subscribing to this website, all of his posts will be sent directly to your email.  If you are serious about modeling, or simply curious about modeling, this is knowledge you can’t miss.   The biggest problem is not knowing all the answers to all the questions, thank the Lord for Modeling Wisdom.

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