Modeling Advice – Always be Photo Ready!

Gorgeous model Photographed by Bryce Buell photography.

Always be ready for the next shoot

My modeling mentor Bryce Buell is full of professional modeling advice.  From the moment I started modeling, to this very day, he has helped guide me with many of my modeling decisions.  However, one thing has stuck out to me more than the rest.  One thing helped make me a better model from day one!

The one thing I learned very quickly from Bryce was to always be photo ready.  Imagine you are a successful model.  You have landed many high-end jobs and this is no longer a hobby, but a viable means of income for you.  But you are in a drought, no jobs in 4 weeks and nothing on the horizon.  You get depressed and lazy.  Pounds start to add on and your skin breaks out.  You look like Beetle Juice but pastier.  Wait a minute! Suddenly, Versace’s on the line!  “We need you for a show tonight!  One of our models is sick and we need one more!”  Son of a (insert dirty B word)!  You are now a pasty broken out wreck with a recent case of chubbiness.  This is not a situation you want to be in.  Likewise, this is just as important for those just starting out.  Jobs may be far and wide between, but you never want to miss a golden opportunity because you simply weren’t ready.

So don’t let this happen to you.  Stay in shape, take good care of your skin and hair, try to keep some color as to not be offensively pal and pasty, and always consider yourself one day away from your big gig; for you are only one call away from the biggest job of your life.  If you are strong and persevere where others quit, you Will become a successful model.  Sometimes it just takes time, but you can do it and you will do it, so stay photo ready.


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  • Dominic

    Reply Reply February 15, 2012

    Hi Jonah,

    I hope you are well. I just wanted to touch base with you about your blogs…they have been very inspirational. I’m still waiting patiently for my break and hope someday it comes. On this particular blog I notice a website you posted “Modeling Baltimore”. Is this something I should or can sign up for. Is it with doing? And does it cost me anything?

    Thanks again for all the info you provide.


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