Modeling Advice – Every model should find one of these.

Jonah Taylor's modeling inspiration, Bryce Buell by Maurizio Montani

My modeling and life mentor, Bryce Buell.  Photographed by Maurizio Montani.

Most established models can trace their journey back to a person, or persons, who helped them in some way, shape, or form.  Most models admit that early on in their career, they had a mentor.  A person who they trusted and accepted guidance from.  In my mind, this is one of the greatest tools a new or beginner model can have in their bag.  Someone who dreamed like you have dreamed and accomplished what you wish to accomplish, a mentor.

Just because you know what you want to be, doesn’t mean you know how to get there.  Many models and actors never make it far enough to become successful because the road was simply to bumpy.  Time after time they hit speed bumps in the road that slowed them down and eventually it wore them down to the point that they gave up entirely.  Unfortunately, this happens often.  That is where the mentor comes in.  Instead of hitting every snag a mentor can guide you from point A, which is your current position, to point B, which is your final destination, with less setbacks.  They know what you don’t know.  They have experienced what you haven’t experienced.  They have taken the bad route and can tell you how to avoid it.  Basically, a mentor can help you do all the things that they did wrong, right!  And not only can they inform you of what to do, but they can inform you of what NOT to do.  This can be just as important.

Simply put, without a mentor you are left to your own knowledge and experience, which if you are a beginner, is pretty limited.  With a mentor, you have years of experience, wisdom, and knowledge on your side.  So you can see, having a mentor automatically makes you a better model than those who do not for the only reason that you have a knowledge bank you can count on and trust.  The truth is, this advice goes for everything.  Having a mentor in anything you do will greatly increase your chances of success as well as decrease your chance of failure.  There is no guarantee that you will become successful, but your chances dramatically increase once you have a mentor.  Give yourself a break and establish an honest mentor.

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