Modeling Advice – How to Improve Your Portfolio.

One thing every model must do as they progress is replace their old and dated photos with newer, better ones.  As each model grows and improves, they inevitably get better photographs and tear sheets (proof of work).  This is the process that all models must go through to one day develop a sharp and compelling portfolio.

Fitness model Jonah Taylor gives Modeling Tips.  Photo taken by Jeff Hollesen

Not impressive modeling photograph of me.

Every new model starts out with nothing.  They will eventually perform a couple of photo shoots and begin creating their portfolio.  At this point, they will only have a couple of photos and all from the same photographer.  So with every photo shoot they do (more photos shoots is the best way to get better as a model as well as improve your portfolio), they will add to their portfolio, until they have built a strong book (portfolio).  A strong book can consist of ten incredible photos, or twenty (a good standard to remember and shoot for is between eight to twenty strong photos).  The fun part begins when you have enough photos to start removing the weaker ones and replacing them with more impressive photos and tear sheets.

Try to get one or two good shots from each photo shoot you do.  This will help add to your book.  You don’t need, or want, more than this as you don’t want a book full of the same shoot and or photographer.

Nature City outdoor gear and Commercial model Jonah Taylor

Tear sheet which replaced the photograph above in my portfolio.

Another modeling portfolio tip is to limit the photos in your portfolio.  Only add the photos in which you know are the best.  Do not add photographs just to fill pages as bad photos can hurt you.  So make certain that the photographs you have in your portfolio are your best ones, even if this means you only have five good shots.  Five good shots is better than ten poor ones.  The best way to gain photos is to shoot and shoot some more.  So remember, cycle photos, shoot often, and only add the great ones. This will indefinitely help you as you work to build a sharp and impressive modeling portfolio.


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    Reply Reply June 19, 2012

    Your portfolio input is great! So often, it seems like the new talent choose images for their book that have no relevance to the industry at all. Great share

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