What to Expect at a Modeling Casting and What to Wear to one?

There are obviously many different ways a casting can go.┬ Likewise, there are numerous outfits that one could wear.┬ In my experiences, I have┬ noticed a few trends that seem to be common┬ with any modeling┬ casting.┬ I have also noticed great trends in what to wear to a casting.┬ As a guy, I basically wear the same thing to every single casting I go on.┬ I have also noticed that women, though slightly more detailed, can also get away with an easy, basic attire┬ for┬ almost all castings.

International model Jonah Taylor in Beijing China

Photograph of Jonah Taylor in casting attire.┬ Photo taken just after a casting in Beijing China.

The secret is, simplicity.┬ Almost every single casting that I go on nowadays I wear the same thing, a┬ plain T-shirt or button up, jeans, a matching belt and dress shoes to complete the look.┬ This is an incredibly simple look that creates a wonderful canvas for clients to visualize their style on.┬ Woman are simple as well.┬ They are usually asked to wear a little black flattering dress with black pumps and hair in a low pony tail, but with no distracting jewelry. This is also so clients can see a simple outfit that is not distracting and creates a nice canvas for clients to work with.

Once you get there, you will also notice that what I say next is basically true for most cases.┬ Most castings will go like this: You walk in, (stand there awkwardly for a brief moment) sign in, and wait a couple of minutes.┬ You then┬ head into a room where the client is and they ask you a couple of simple questions.┬ They will likely then take your comp cards and look through your portfolio.Now comes the┬ important step, they may nicely ask you to walk a mock runway, or perform a quick couple of poses.┬ Finally, you will shake their hand and say good-bye.┬ Then you leave.┬ This is the way that 90% of castings seem to go and if you can handle everything I just said, you will be great at every single one.

So there you have it!┬ You now have no excuse for not being great at every casting.┬ Keep it simple and don’t over do┬ it.┬ That is not to say that you cannot look sharp for a casting.┬ Feel free to dress it up and look your best if you feel.┬ Every now and then I will dress it up for a client, especially for a big client that I would enjoy working for.┬ But in the main scheme of things, keep it simple and you will look great and confident every time.

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