Modeling Creates Exciting Opportunities

One of the best aspects of modeling, besides being a model or course, is the opportunities it creates. Many models go on to become great actors, photographers, producers etc. The supermodels even get their own show! Me, I get a website. This is all due to the people you meet as a model. This is not to say that modeling itself is not a great opportunity. But say you have been trying your hand at modeling for some time now and it’s good, but it could be better. If you start making the right connections, you may find new and exciting opportunities wide open just waiting for you. Simply put, modeling can lead to numerous opportunities.

really really ridiculously good looking Derek ZoolanderWithout bragging, as an international model who happens to be perfectly charming and really really ridiculously good-looking, I truly enjoy modeling and rarely have bad shoots. Of course, there are always shoots that are better than others, but whenever a shoot isn’t going my way, I simply remind myself that I’M A MODEL! But since I have had the opportunity to travel the globe as a model, I have met some very interesting people; people who KNOW people. The bottom line is that the more I traveled and the more people I met, the more opportunities I had. Before you know it I was shooting commercials and small movies. I literally shot a Taiwanese movie that I have never seen and have no clue how to find! But I did it, and could have done more of it had I wanted to.

So you see, modeling is a phenomenal opportunity in itself and don’t take it lightly if you are one. But modeling will lead you to meet many new and exciting people who have opportunities waiting for you. Modeling can lead to acting, it can lead to photography, it can lead to music, it can lead to pretty much anything in the entertainment industry. Just always be careful and keep a good head on your shoulders. As long as you are smart and have strong faith, you will find yourself either modeling, or doing something else that you love.

Jonah Taylor, Creator of Modeling Wisdom.


  • chad heller

    Reply Reply May 12, 2012

    I couldn’t agree more

  • vishal sawant

    Reply Reply May 19, 2016

    Hi sir….myself vishal sawant ….my height is 5.11 n weight is 65…i m intrested in modelling…people always suggest to be model….i pics r awesome…but i frm small town…plz guide me

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