Modeling Wisdom – What is Stock Photography?

Free stock image from stock photography website: stock.echng

Stock Photo from stock xchng

Stock photography is: A varietal supply of licensed photographs that are sold for public and or commercial use, taken by professional photographers and hosted on professional stock photography websites.  Basically, a professional photographer creates a business taking numerous photos, compiling them, and selling them to the public.

Stock photography is a great way to get pictures fast.  Say you want professional photos, but don’t have the time or money to hire a photographer.  Perhaps you want something simple and don’t even need all that.  Thankfully there are hundreds of stock photography agencies out there that have taken care of that for you.  They have literally taken hundreds and thousands of professional photos and are willing to sell them to demanding consumers like you and me for minimal cost.  So we can keep focused on what’s important to us.

free stock image from stock xchng.

Another stock image from stock xchng

Many companies love stock photography as they do not have to pay large sums of money to hire a professional photographer.  Instead companies will simply search a website, find the photo they desire, purchase it, download and use it for their campaign.  Some of the major advantages of using stock photography are:

  • the huge library of photos to choose from.
  • cheap to purchase.
  • companies don’t need to hire a professional photographer.

Really, the only disadvantage is that the photos purchased may be used by other companies as well.  So it is possible to see your photo elsewhere.

Stock photography is used to fulfill the needs of design, marketing, and advertising assignments instead of hiring a photographer.  Getty Images, Shutterstock, Stock xchng and Fotosearch are four great examples of large stock photography agencies.  I even use stock photos for my blogs and websites.  This is a quick way to add spice to any blog post. So the next time you are looking for a photo of any kind, remember these stock photography agencies may have exactly what you are looking for.



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