What to do when you outgrow your current market? When is it time to move?

Successful Modeling City Miami, Florida.  Where models move to.

Successful Modeling City Miami, Florida.

Every model hopes to be successful one day; to outgrow the small-town they currently reside in and take their talents to New York, Miami, Los Angeles, etc. Now if you live in one of these cities, I suppose you do not need to read this article as you are already modeling on some of the biggest stages The United States has to offer. But for the rest of you who are currently maxed out in a small town, one such as Zeeland, Michigan, how do you know when you have outgrown your current market? How do you know when is it time to move?

The goal as a model is to find a market that provides you with a good amount of work and depending on what type of modeling you do, this may vary. Struggling models are typically a part of one of two groups. They are either models who have maxed out in their current market/city, or models who live in cities too small to maintain any continuity in jobs.

When it comes to cities too small, the problem is that there simply isn’t enough work to go around and keep everyone busy. There may be five modeling jobs a month and if there are more than five models in town, this means theoretically, each model should get one job a month (of course this is hypothetical). Simply put, small cities have small modeling markets and this means little jobs. If you live in a small town, this may be a sign that you may need to move to a bigger city with a stronger modeling market in order to follow your dream of becoming a successful model.

Models who have maxed out in their current market typically live in larger cities than those of small towns. These models may not live in New York or Los Angeles, but they have carved out a good living in the city they reside in and have found some continuity in jobs. They work well, make decent money, and can actually say that modeling is a big part of what they do. Unfortunately, they have reached their peak and cannot seem to take that next step. They have been doing the same amount of work for the same clients and things don’t seem to be growing. If you find yourself in this position, established and working well but stuck in a rut for a while now and see no sign of further gain, it may be time to make a move to a bigger market/city.

Largest modeling city in the world - New York

New York City

Of course all this advice is geared toward those who are looking to grow in modeling. If you are just starting out or working a few jobs here and there but find this is comfortable for you, then stay put. This article is for those who are currently maxed out in a market and looking to grow or those who are tired of struggling for work in a small market. In the event that you are one of these two, perhaps it is time to try your hand in some of the biggest modeling cities The United States has to offer, New York, Miami, Los Angeles or even Chicago. Of course, think it through and talk to a couple of mentors before making any life changing decisions such as this.

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