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How to be a professional fitness model

Okay, so let’s say you’re a fitness model already. You have gone through the initial steps necessary to get started and become a fitness model, but you want more. You want to take fitness modeling the distance and make it your profession. You want to make more money at it, get more jobs with it,…

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How to know if you’re a model!

(This list was created by the writers of Modeling Wisdom.  This of course, does not replace individual opinion.  Feel free to call yourself a model regardless of the points made below).  Let’s face it, people associate being a model as something fun and exciting.  There is something about telling friends and family that you are…

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How Do Legit Modeling Agencies Work? How Do They Make Money?

Legit Modeling Agencies are great.  They help models across the planet land all sorts of modeling jobs that the model would otherwise have no chance of getting.  They can help models get their beginning through test and photo shoots, creating or updating their portfolio, and getting them their first modeling job.  As a model, it…

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Becoming A Male Model – 5 Expert Tips for Male Models

Becoming A Male Model, 5 professional tips by male model Jonah Levi Taylor. Most fashion and modeling websites are predominately geared toward giving advice and information to women, with only snippets of information geared towards men.  This is partially because men don’t have to deal with some of the exaggerated standards and measurements that women…

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Why Pay for Professional Photographers?

Paying for professional photographs is probably one of the smartest and highest impact moves a new, or even advanced, model can make.  Of course shooting with professional photographers can be expensive.  But the reward is far beyond the money.  In fact, by getting professional photos, a model will likely book more jobs and make their…

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