Plus-Size Modeling Standards, Measurements, and Requirements.

How big are plus size models?Article written by New York Fitness Model Michelle Alford.

When it comes to the modeling world, most individuals immediately think Runway and or High-Fashion. But modeling may be larger than you think. Diversity is the key to reaching various audiences. One of these fields is the plus-size modeling industry. And for those interested, it is important to know the requirements, measurements and qualifications of what this field entails. So what are they?

Naturally, this field of modeling originated because, well, there are larger sized people in the world; where they shop and what they wear has to appeal to them also. Not all clothing stores or companies sell items for all sizes. The ones that do are given the opportunity to make money while giving plus-size models the opportunity to make money also. The standard measurements of plus-size modeling started out as sizes: 10-12 or up to 18. Presently, those measurement standards are now sizes: 8-12 and still up to 18. Some may even call a size 6 plus-sized. It all is dependent upon that company and agency’s standards.

As a model, the maintenance and up-keeping of your image will always be your top priority and responsibility. No one is perfect but in this job field you must be the closest thing to it. The less photographers and editors have to do to touch you up and make you look better, the better off you are; the better off the job is and the better off the shoot goes. Most photos are altered, edited, retouched and sometimes airbrushed but the better you look and keep yourself, the less of that they actually have to do. This includes taking care of your body, skin, teeth, hair and staying fit and tone. The idea is to take care of yourself so the photographers and clients can worry about other things such as lighting or framing.

Some of the most popular plus-size models include Lizzie Miller, Kaela Humphries, Nadia Aboulhosn, Fluvia Lacerda, Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine, Anansa Simes, Tara Lynn, Marquita Pring, Robyn Lawley and Whitney Thompson (America’s Next Top Model Winner, Cycle 10). Each of these women opened doors and set the bar high with high standards for those to follow. Each uniquely talented and successful in their own right, they made/make what some think is impossible, very possible. The product of their hard work is the field of high fashion plus-size modeling! For those interested but fearful or intimidated, it is very possible for you to gain your success if you take the right steps to get there. In time you will make it happen.

To start out, it is not specifically about losing weight but to tone the size you actually are. Some people are just naturally bigger so it is not always about being ‘fat’. You can be thicker/heavier but healthy and fit. A portfolio is always required but the difference with curvy models is that the portfolio must showcase your curves and assets; otherwise they serve no purpose at all for the potential client. Lastly is the hard work and maintenance of shopping yourself to get work. The hottest cities with agencies that work with plus-size models are NY of course along with Miami, the UK, Paris and Germany. With that said, if you have a goal or dream to achieve success in Plus-Size modeling, wait not a second longer! Time waits for no one!

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