Runway Modeling Tips and Advice – How to Walk the Runway

Runway Modeling Tips, Video, and AdviceA lot of aspiring models take high interest in the fashion world and runway. This may be because fashion is so international. But with that said, a lot goes into runway shows and their production. Modeling in a high-fashion runway show may seem simple: change into the outfit, strut your stuff down the runway and back again, but the fact is, there are certain things you must do and a specific way you must do it.

First off, practice is a must! You must make sure you work on your expressions and poses in advance. Here are the primary goals for runway poses: properly showcase the items you model from all angles, giving enough time for the designers to get a glance and photographers to snap photos of the items.

Breathing, posture, and showcasing your limbs are also equally important. The poses you do are a combination of what has been done and your personal/unique style. It is a great idea to study some of the greats and even some rising beginners before practicing. This gives you an idea of what you want to portray when you pose. Keeping posture in mind, your limbs should swing slightly but remain close to your side at all times.

The pace you walk between poses should not be ‘turtle’ slow, or super fast. You do not have to strut exactly on queue with the music being played either. It should always be at a comfortable pace for you to get the message across and display the clothing as you walk and pose. You should also walk with one foot in front of the other. Once again, practice is a must.

Your facial expressions should be serious but not too mean or harsh. The people attending must know you mean business as you strut. While it isn’t a crime to smile, it is typically not preferred either.

The two main and most classic runway poses are hand on hips along with shifting your weight from side to side as you pose. A lot of people refer to runway modeling as vogue-ing. It is definitely serious business based around perfection! Lastly, keep your entering and exiting poses subtle enough to announce your entrance and make your exit.

Keep faith in yourself and check out the following video, Learn the Supermodel Walk by Ford Models, to learn more about how to walk the runway like a professional and God Bless!

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