Sample Modeling Exercise Program

So you have been working out for the last few months or even years and feel the same way you did a few months or years ago. If it isn’t your nutrition, which it probably is, perhaps you aren’t working out efficiently. Perhaps you are in the gym spinning your wheels and in need of a little guidance.

Sample Exercise Program fitness models

Under Armour Fit model Jonah Levi Taylor

(As noted above, this exercise routine will only provide results if coupled with a healthy diet. If you don’t want to change that, then why change your workouts?)

This is a sample exercise program used by fitness model Jonah Taylor and inspired by fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee:

  • 4 days out of the week are reserved for strength and resistance training.
    • 4 sets of 8 – 12 reps for 3-4 exercises per body part.
  • 2 days are reserved for conditioning and fat burning.
    • 25 – 45 minutes of moderate to low conditioning to keep HR down as to not burn muscle mass. Avoid running. Elliptical, jump rope, rowing, incline walking, and bike are viable options. If you are not concerned with maintaining muscle mass, then amp it up!
  • 1 day of complete rest and food preparation.
  • Monday: Back and Biceps
  • Tuesday: Legs
  • Wednesday: Conditioning and Abs
  • Thursday: Chest and Triceps
  • Friday: Shoulders
  • Saturday: Conditioning and Abs
  • Sunday: Off – Food prep day

Every workout begins with a solid 5 – 10 minute warm-up starting lightly and progressing toward a gradual increase in intensity resulting in a head sweat.

It is just as important to cool down for 10 – 15 after your workout. This may include stretching, foam rolling, or soft tissue work.

The only thing missing from this program are the individual exercises used for each muscle group. But since each individual is unique, this is left up to the individual.

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