Supermodel Secrets – What exactly is a Supermodel?

Supermodels are the world’s most elite models chosen to work for the most prestigious designers on the planet.  They are paid incredibly well and work often.  But we already knew that.  So what is it exactly that makes supermodels, well so super?

The term Supermodel really only refers to high fashion models who have been extremely successful both nationally and internationally.  These men and women can earn upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for a day of their services.  Clients will pay celebrity type money (as they basically are celebrities) to get these models.  They do not go to auditions or castings as clients already know they are worth it.  The demand and workload that these models have is steady and of high-caliber.

The greatest current example of a supermodel is Gisele Bundchen.  She just happens to be the world’s highest-paid model since roughly 2004.  Some other female supermodels include: Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell.  Male supermodels are a little harder to find, but some examples might include Tyson Beckford, Jason Shaw, and Marcus Schenkenberg.  Supermodels like this have multi-million dollar contracts, endorsements and campaigns. They have branded themselves as household names and worldwide recognition is associated with their modeling careers[1].  Obviously supermodels have great measurements and meet most, if not all, of the higher fashion modeling requirements.  They also photograph extremely well.  They know how to move and look natural in front of the camera.  Likewise, they have a unique look that captivates photographers to the point where photographers can’t get enough of them.

The problem is, most models look to supermodels as their base line for what modeling is really like.  These are like the Kobe Bryants, Rachel Rays, and Tiger Woods’ of the modeling world.  Though it is fun to fantasize about being a supermodel, traveling the world, making millions, and being famous, remember to run your own race and do it the best that You can.  Just remember to always enjoy the modeling journey.

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