How to Become a Model! ~By Bryce Buell

Whether your interest is in runway, commercial print, or high-fashion modeling, the industry is still centered around photography.  To market yourself to the best agencies and prospective clients, you MUST have the following: 1)   A portfolio, a collection of pictures that best represent your quality as a model and show what you offer a prospective…

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How Does The Modeling Industry Work By Model Bryce Buell

Modeling 101…   How Does The Modeling Industry Work: Since my dear friend Jonah started his remarkable modeling blog, he has asked me to contribute content from time to time due to my many years of experience in the modeling industry.  I think it would be helpful to start from the beginning with the basics of what modeling…

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How To Start Modeling

How To Start Modeling – 3 Steps On How To Get Into Modelling.    Not everyone takes the same path toward becoming a model.  Some people are picked up off the street, some start off as children, some simply know the right people, and then there are the majority of us that must seek out…

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