Modeling 101 – By Modeling Professional Bryce Buell!

Hello there everyone! Jonah here!  So in my travels I have met a lot of people, some more influential than others,  but not a single one more influential than Bryce Buell.  He is not only the greatest international male model I have ever met, but perhaps the greatest international male model out there period!   That’s right!…

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How To Be Photogenic – How To Be MORE Photogenic!

How to be photogenic… like Zoolander of course.  It doesn’t matter who you are, model or not, we all wish we knew how to be more photogenic!  Nothing is more exciting than seeing a sweet sweet photo of yourself where you look really really ridiculously good looking.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen like this.  It usually goes a little more like this:…

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How To Start Modeling

How To Start Modeling – 3 Steps On How To Get Into Modelling.    Not everyone takes the same path toward becoming a model.  Some people are picked up off the street, some start off as children, some simply know the right people, and then there are the majority of us that must seek out…

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